Android users beware, a bug makes WhatsApp secretly turn on microphone

Android users beware, a bug makes WhatsApp secretly turn on microphone

WhatsApp bug triggers the usage of microphone without the user’s permission

WhatsApp claims this to be a dispute from Google’s side

WhatsApp also assures that the users have full control over their microphone usage

After launching quite a few useful features recently, WhatsApp has been hit with a bit of a problem. WhatsApp users have noticed a glitch that sneakily turns on their phone’s microphone. Yes, you read that right – WhatsApp users could have their phone’s microphone turned on right now without their knowledge!

According to WhatsApp users, the glitch is that the microphone is being used much more frequently than it's supposed to or is required, especially in Android phones. WhatsApp claims that it is not a glitch from their end, instead a problem from Google

Over the past few weeks, WhatsApp on Android phones is triggering a pop-up requesting access to microphone permission, even when WhatsApp isn't used much on that particular device. This bug has affected Android devices like Samsung and Pixel phones. 

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The curious microphone's activity was spotted in Android's Privacy Dashboard and also through the green dot notification that comes in Android status bar especially for camera and microphone on the top left. This is something that is worth worrying about, Android users, as none of us want our phones listening in on us. 


The cause behind this WhatsApp issue hasn't been recognised yet and hence there isn't a solution for it at this point. WhatsApp also took to Twitter and tweeted that this is an issue based on Android and WhatsApp has nothing to do with it and also mentions that they have asked Google to dig deep and solve the matter. 

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In order to set the record straight, WhatsApp reassured users they will always have control over their Android phone’s microphone. It also mentions that WhatsApp only has the access of using the mic during a call and for sending audio messages. 

WhatsApp may claim the microphone bug problem lies in Google’s Android operating system, but we hope they’re working with Google to help solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Update: Clarifying on behalf of WhatsApp, Meta director of Public Policy, India, Shivnath Thukral said, “We believe this is a bug on Android, Google has said they are looking into it. Your calls and voice notes are protected by end-to-end encryption so we cannot hear the microphone in any case. We’re aligned on safeguarding privacy.”

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