Sony Ericsson F305

By Team Digit | Published on 07 Apr 2009
Sony Ericsson F305

Gaming mobiles are by no means new. In fact nowdays you will find many mobiles entirely dedicated to this purpose. A recent one in the category would have to be the “Sony Ericsson F305”.

The “Sony Ericsson F305” certainly brings some new things to the table though. Such as:

  • Motion gaming

    This allows you play games using hand motions instead of buttons. For example if you are playing a bowling game, you can use the same motions you would use while bowling to control the ball. Meaning that you just need to whing your phone (be careful not to let go though!)

  • Preloaded games

    The phone comes with as many a 11 games preloaded in the phone, and another 50 games in the accompanying 512MB M2 memory stick that comes with the phone.

  • Boostable power

    Gaming consumes a lot of power, and to make sure you dont run out of power on the go, you can buy the PowerPack, which allows you to instantly boost the power of the phone, giving you that extra time you needed to finish the last level.


The phone also comes with a included 2MP camera and support for upto 4GB memory via a Memory Stick Micro card.


Overall this is a good buy for anyone looking for a gaming phone. If you dont want to spend money buying a portable gaming device and a mobile phone, this is something that may interest you. 

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