Google Pixel 7 will now have AI Enhanced Audio and Free VPN

By Kajoli Anand Puri | Published 09 Dec 2022 17:41 IST
  • Google is offering a major features update via a new patch.

  • The update will bring the brand’s new Clear Calling feature, along with the Google One VPN for free.

  • The Recorder app will also see an update, with the able using machine learning to identify speakers and add their names in the transcripts.

Google Pixel 7 will now have AI Enhanced Audio and Free VPN
Google Pixel 7 will now have AI Enhanced Audio and Free VPN

Google’s Pixel 7 lineup was launched in October, and now, the brand is offering a significant upgrade in features via an update known as “Android 13 Quarterly Platform Release 1 (QPR1)”, You can now enjoy AI Enhanced Audio and a free VPN by downloading and installing the patch. 

Google Pixel Clear Calling feature

One of the biggest changes to come with the new update will be the Clear Calling feature, designed to enhance the overall quality of phone calls. This feature will leverage Google’s custom Tensor chip to use machine learning, which will enable it to filter out background noise. It will also pump up voices so that phone calls are clearer. 

Google Pixel to offer free VPN

Another significant feature update is the availability of the Google One VPN in the Google Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7 for free. With this, you can route your traffic via an encrypted server, ensuring that your data is protected even when you’re using public Wi-Fi. 

Record app features

Finally, Google will also bring a feature update to the recorder app, wherein the app itself will be able to identify voices and then label the speakers in the transcription. This feature will be available on Google Pixel phones that have a tensor chip - Google Pixel 6, 6 Pro, 7, and 7 Pro.

To install the patch, you need to navigate to Settings > System > System Update to get started.

For more technology newsproduct reviews, sci-tech features and updates, keep reading or head to our Google News page

For more technology news, product reviews, sci-tech features and updates, keep reading or head to our Google News page.

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