The Last Of Us gets a 15-minute gameplay demo at PAX 2012

By Sameer Mitha | Updated 6 Sept 2012
The Last Of Us gets a 15-minute gameplay demo at PAX 2012

One of the most anticipated PS3 exclusive games from Naughty Dog, The Last of Us, got a pretty awesome 15-minute gameplay demo at PAX 2012.

The Last of Us gameplay demo shows the post apocalyptic city that we have seen in the past and the lead protagonist interacts with the environment to solve simple puzzles. The footage also showcases basic platforming movements like climbing and jumping to traverse the environment. The game seems pretty linear where you get from point A to B. One thing has to be said though, the animations look stunning and the environments look lush. Environmental objects with which players can interact to solve simple puzzles are highlighted.


Gamers can also interact with environmental objects in combat such as picking up a bottle and throwing it at the enemies. They can also use these objects to create a distraction or a diversion. The gameplay demo also shows the dynamic nature of the game. You can go all out and take on the bad guys or you can take the stealth approach.

The Last of Us launches exclusively for the PS3 next year. There is no confirmed release date or pricing at this point.

Sameer Mitha
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