Reliance Games launches 'Borderwar Galactic Warfare' and 'Cosmo Combat'

By Silky Malhotra | Updated 3 Jul 2013
Reliance Games launches 'Borderwar Galactic Warfare' and 'Cosmo Combat'
  • Go to the future with 'Borderwar Galactic Warfare' or back in the past with 'Cosmo Combat', two new action games from Reliance.

Reliance Entertainment's mobile gaming division – Reliance Games – has launched two new games ‘Borderwar Galactic Warfare’ and ‘Cosmo Combat’ on Google Play.


Borderwar Galactic Warfare is an extension of the adventure mobile game franchise ‘Borderwar’. It is a 2D casual tower defense game set in the future in the year 3000.
The primary goal of the game is to clear all the enemies and progress ahead in the game.

Cosmo Combat has a main character "Captain Barros" who aims to protect the entire galaxy from alien threats. Gamers will aim and shoot alien spaceships. According to the company, the game supports 3D Sci-fi FPS set in space, multiple weapons for the gamers as well as enemy spaceships to shoot.

Commenting on the launch of the games, Mr. Chaitanya Prabhu, Business Head - India, Reliance Games said:

“With the growing popularity of Android devices and Google Play as a platform, we have launched two highly action-packed and immersive mobile games on the platform, that have excellent graphics and engaging game play. With Borderwar franchise of mobile games receiving good number of downloads, we decided to extend the franchise and launch ‘Borderwar Galactic Warfare’. The other game Cosmo Combat is an adventurous and thrilling mobile game that challenges the gamers and keeps them hooked to it. With these launches, I am certain that gamers who enjoy action genre based mobile games will definitely like Borderwar Galactic Warfare and Cosmo Combat.”



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