PES 2014 demo rolls out

By Abhinav Mishra | Updated 11 Sept 2013
PES 2014 demo rolls out
  • Hours after a free FIFA 14 demo appeared, Konami released a free demo version of its hugely popular football simulation franchise 2014 for all platforms

So you think of the Milan giants to be the most bitter of rivalries, or for that matter clashes between Manchester United and Liverpool, think again!. We have FIFA vs PES who once again are going head to head in the war of footballing simulation.


Hours after FIFA 14 demo was launched on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, Seabass and co. at Konami released a free trial for its PES 2014 across all platforms, so as to make their presence felt and steal the limelight from EA's installment.

The demo is live on the US PSN Store. Just create a US PSN account and you are good to go. As for the Xbox, demo is live on the US and Mexican Xbox games store. All you need is access to a US or Mexican Xbox Live Gold account to download the demo. However, Konami have not yet confirmed a release date for the PC demo.

The PES 2014 Demo is approximately 1.8 GB and features Italy, Germany, Spain, France, England, Portugal, Santos FC, Bayern Munich, Colo Colo, The demo promises to be a full representation of the final game, allowing to play in a full match scenario including a tutorial element.


If you happen to be a PES fan, you will be glad to know to know that the game is being developed on an all-new engine reworking the game from the ground up for the fans of the franchise. In addition to noticeable improvements in the graphics and seamless animation, the thrust of the new engine's power has been used to redefine the way football is played as a video game. The game shows off better AI elements highlighting the ability to mimic the abilities of the real life player counterparts. Now that’s a claim that we’d like to put to the test.

PES 2014 hits store shelves on September 20 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. PSP and PS2 versions will be launched at a later date.



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