Here’s what to expect in Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 13 update

Here’s what to expect in Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 13 update

Call of Duty: Mobile's Season 13 update is just around the corner

The update will introduce a bunch of new features

This includes new weapons, maps, scorestreaks and more

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 13 update is just around the corner. While the developers have been teasing some new additions to the game, they haven’t yet confirmed everything that will be added to the game. However, the devs just released a new public beta build for the next season of Call of Duty: Mobile and have listed some of the features that players can expect in the next season. You can also download the public beta build of Call of Duty: Mobile here. 

Do note that while these features are a part of the build, there is no guarantee that these features will be available in the final roll-out of the update. It should also be noted that Activision will most likely stagger the release of all the additions and features all through the month.

New Operator Skill

Call of Duty: Mobile has its fair share of sci-fi weapons like the Tempest rifle, Shock RC and the XS1 Goliath. However, the newest Operator Skill, the Gravity Vortex Gun, trumps them all in terms of show. The weapon seems to fire a miniature black hole, that sucks in enemies. 

New Scorestreak

Season 13 also brings with it a new Scorestreak called EMP Systems. As the name would suggest, the scorestreak releases a massive EMP blast that disables enemy scorestreaks and messes with the enemy's HUD. It’s practically a giant version of the EMP grenade. 

New Tactical Grenade

Season 13 will also introduce a brand new tactical grenade called the Gas Grenade that results in disorientated vision and deceleration. This makes it ideal for blocking off choke points. It should be noted that the weapon doesn’t seem to cause any damage.

New Weapons

Call of Duty: Mobile has teased the introduction of new weapons to the game, and we finally have a good look at them. This includes the Peacekeeper MK2 assault rifle and the QXR SMG. We’ll get to learn more details of these weapons at a later date. 

New Battle Royale Class

The Reddit post has tagged this as a Perk, but a video by YouTuber, JB Hunters shows that the Desperado will be a new class in battle royale. The class’s active ability will allow them to set up a Shield Turret, similar to the one found in Multiplayer. The passive ability allows players to fight back with a pistol when downed, and if they manage to get a kill in this state, they will be revived. 

New Game Modes

The new season will see the addition of a bunch of new game modes. This includes Grind, 3v3 Gun Fights, Hardcore Hardpoint, and Battle Royale Blitz.

New Maps

Call of Duty: Mobile has confirmed that season 13 will feature a new version of Nuketown called Nuketown Russia. There is also the return of the holiday version of the Raid map. Besides this, we will also see another new map called Rebirth that sports an urban setting and a linear layout.

New Vehicle

Battle Royale is also tipped to get a new vehicle. However, this will be the snowboard and should only be available in snowy areas. It is not yet known if the snowboard will be a permanent addition to battle royale. 

Besides all those, hardcore players will be glad to know that there will be a new Diamond and Gold camouflage under the ‘Completionist’ section. There should also be a bunch of other bug fixes and changes, but we will only know about those when the season 13 update finally rolls out and the patch notes are revealed. The videos below should give a good look at all of the new additions. 

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