Bharti SoftBank launches gaming venture Tiny Mogul and two new games

By Silky Malhotra | Updated 2 Sept 2013
Bharti SoftBank launches gaming venture Tiny Mogul and two new games
  • Bharti SoftBank has started a gaming venture and launched two new games SongQuest and Shiva: The Time Bender under the new brand.

Bharti Airtel has partnered with Japan-based SoftBank to launch a gaming venture called Tiny Mogul. Under the new venture’s brand, two new games have been launched: SongQuest- a music trivia game and Shiva: The Time Bender- an endless runner game.

The games are available for free on the Google Play Store for Android for now along with BSB's free messaging service - Hike. The company also stated that they will launch the games on Windows, Blackberry and iOS soon.

SongQuest is a trivia game that relies on music from Bollywood, Hollywood and Tollywood. Users can also challenge their friends via social platforms in the game. While Shiva: The Time Bender is a runner game where users play Shiva and jump from era to era defeating enemies in their path.

Kavin Mittal, BSB’s Head of Product and Strategy stated that the games will be available for free to users but will also include in-app purchases. Mittal added that BSB is the first company to launch in-app purchases of virtual goods and premium downloads through telecom carrier billing. The cost of the in-app purchases will be directly debited from the balance of pre-paid users while they will be added to the monthly bill of post-paid users.The company has tied up with Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Cellular for this venture.

Mittal stated that the company is targeting youth with this new venture and aims to cater to 10 per cent of the 12 million smartphones users in India by the year end. The company also aims to launch 3 more games by March next year.

BSB which started a little more than a year ago has already launched four products to date. The first one was a location-based app Hoppr by Y2CF Digital Media, second was a joint venture initiative with Yahoo Japan for a mobile portal, third was Hike which was launched in June and has already reached a billion messages and now the gaming venture, Tiny Mogul.

Source: Hindustan Times

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