Angry Birds Star Wars II adds Jar Jar Binks as a playable character

By Silky Malhotra | Updated 29 Aug 2013
Angry Birds Star Wars II adds Jar Jar Binks as a playable character
  • Angry Birds Star Wars II adds new characters this week from the Star Wars series, including the infamous Jar Jar Binks and two versions of Luke Skywalker.

Rovio unveiled a few Angry Birds Star Wars II teasers last week along with some character introductions. The new game will be released on 19th September and Rovio has also included bird and pig versions from the Star Wars universe.


Rovio earlier announced the addition of the dark-side playable characters that will show up in the sequel, like the Emperor, a bounty hunter Zam Wesell and a generic TIE fighter pilot. Now Rovio has added new light side characters to the Angry Birds Star Wars 2 game, including Jar Jar Binks- which will be a playable character in the game. The new teaser trailer by the developer shows Jar Jar Binks using his tongue to pick up and fling objects.

Two new versions of Luke Skywalker have also been revealed. One Luke is dressed in Jedi robes with extra lightsaber talents and the second Luke is dressed for his jaunt on the surface of Endor in Return of the Jedi. The trailer also hints at Han Solo’s return appearance in the sequel. Rovio has added unnamed Jedi Younglings into their game and “Join The Pork Side” which lets you play as the piggies for the first time.

Rovio in total has added over 9 characters in the new Angry Birds Star Wars 2 game. You can watch all the videos for the characters on the official Rovio Entertainment YouTube page. Rovio will be releasing the Angry Birds Star Wars II game in the Google Play Store as well as the Amazon Appstore on 19th September.


Source: Slashgear

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