Harman announces AKG K175 and K245 Studio Headphones, JBL Reference Monitors in India

By Dhriti Datta | Updated 31 May 2019
Harman announces AKG K175 and K245 Studio Headphones, JBL Reference Monitors in India
  • Harman has announced a wide range of audio products in India including the AKG K175 and K245 headphones, the JBL 104 Reference Monitors, the JBL Nano K Series Monitors, and the JBL EON ONE and EON ONE PRO.
  • These newly-announced products are targeted towards content creators and 'prosumers' or professional consumers.

Harman, an American subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, has announced an array of audio products in India aimed towards content creators and 'Prosumers' (professional consumers). Their aim with this line of products is to target content creators and provide professional-grade audio products for them, without compromising on quality, at a reasonable price point. The newly-announced range from Harman includes two new professional-grade headphones from AKG's K series — the AKG K175 and K245, the JBL 104 Reference Monitors, JBL Nano K series Monitors, and the JBL EON ONE & EON ONE PRO PA systems. The prices for Indian consumers, however, have not been disclosed yet.


AKG K175 and K245

AKG K245



The company launched two new studio headphones, the AKG K175 and K245, which are particularly made for mixing and audio editing. These newer headphones are more durable, sturdy, portable and are advertised to sound better than previous headphones in the K series. The K175 is slightly lighter than the K245, and the former are on-ear headphones, while the latter are over-ear headphones. The K175 headphones are closed-back, supra-aural headphones which provide sound isolation and also block ambient noise. The K245, being open-back, offer a more realistic sound and are good for studio usage.

JBL 104 Reference Monitors



The JBL 104 Reference Monitors are small studio monitors that can be utilised as PC speakers and are meant to be listened to at a close range. Harman deems these speakers ideal for recording musicians, podcasters, music and video producers, or anyone seeking an enjoyable audio experience. They boast a coaxial design, which basically means a truer response from the monitors and a wider sweet spot. They also have an integrated 60-watt Class D power amplifier, with 30-watts distributed to each speaker.

JBL Nano K series Monitors


JBL K8 Monitors

Harman has unveiled an array of JBL Nano K Series Monitors including the K3, K4, K5, K6, and K8. These products provide essential value for money monitoring for home studios, podcasters, content creators and music enthusiasts in general. All the Nano K series monitors come equipped with kevlar cones, which is the material used to make bulletproof vests, and are considered superior to the traditional paper cones. The K3 and K4 models come with Bluetooth connectivity as well.





The JBL EON ONE and EON ONE PRO are all-in-one linear-array PA systems, with the EON ONE featuring 6 channels and the PRO version featuring 7 channels. The difference between the two is that the Pro version has a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which is said to last for up to 6 hours, making it even more portable and convenient. Harman claims that the devices optimise sound dispersion so that your family, friends or even an audience can hear music from all angles, even from behind allegedly. The EON ONE PRO houses an 8" subwoofer, while the EON ONE has a 10" one.

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