Best 5.1 channel soundbars with Dolby Audio Support

Best 5.1 channel soundbars with Dolby Audio Support

To experience true surround sound on a soundbar-based home entertainment setup, you should go for one that supports 5.1 channels. A 5.1 soundbar will come with a centre channel that can improve dialogue clarity as well. With the front channels integrated into the soundbar, you can get more space around your TV for other accessories or even more speakers. Additionally, with Dolby Audio support, the right content can feel highly immersive on such soundbars. If you have an existing home entertainment system, check for the compatibility requirements before buying a new soundbar. Here are some models available on Amazon which offer a great mix of powerful features and useful specifications.

Zebronics Zeb-Juke Bar 9400 Pro

With support for wall mounting, the Zeb-Juke Bar 9400 Pro can be installed in alignment with your wall-mounted TV. Its rear satellite speakers and subwoofer combine to deliver an immersive surround sound experience for your entertainment. The rear speakers also support wall-mounting, allowing you to place them in the corner best suited to your room’s layout. The model supports wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and great wired connectivity through HDMI, USB, Optical and Aux-in for all your media devices. Its LED display makes it easy to see the volume levels. With an included remote, you can control the volume levels, source and more with ease. 

Sony HT-RT3 

The Sony HT-RT3 comes with 600W of total power output, delivering a great soundscape for all your favourite movies and shows. Its combination of NFC and Bluetooth support lets you pair it with compatible smartphones with just one tap. With all cables connecting to the subwoofer, you can keep your TV and soundbar setup clean with minimal wires. The Sony soundbar comes with S-Master digital amplifier technology for clear sound quality. With the ClearAudio+ technology, your audio is optimised for the content based on a wide range of modes like Game, Movie, Music and Sports. It also has the Voice Up feature, which improves dialogue clarity during movies and shows.

JBL Bar 5.1 by Harman

In addition to Dolby Audio, the soundbar supports DTS audio for maximum clarity and immersion with 3D audio technology. The soundbar has 3 HDMI ports so should be able to connect all your 4K devices. The sound system supports Bluetooth connectivity and the JBL SoundShift technology lets users instantly switch between audio from TV and from phone or tablet. The detachable battery-powered surround speakers can last for up to 10 hours of playback, and the 10-inch wireless subwoofer should take care of all your bass needs. 

Sony HT-RT40

With two full-range 65W driver units as the rear speakers, the Sony HT-RT40 delivers impressive surround audio. The rear speakers are mounted on floor stands that help enhance their surround positioning. If your phone supports NFC connectivity, the Sony soundbar can be paired with it in just one tap. A total output of 600 watts keeps the audio experience impactful, whether you’re gaming or watching a movie. An included Remote Control makes it easy to alter the volume, change the source and more. The included Active Subwoofer makes you feel every beat and explosion with a theatre-like audio experience.


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