WhatsApp screenshot blocking feature appears in the latest beta app for Android: See how it works

By G. S. Vasan | Published 04 Oct 2022 12:25 IST
  • WhatsApp screenshot blocking feature is available on the beta version of the app.

  • You can check out how this WhatsApp feature works.

  • And also learn about some things you need about the WhatsApp screenshot blocking feature.

WhatsApp screenshot blocking feature appears in the latest beta app for Android: See how it works
WhatsApp Screenshot blocking: How it works

WhatsApp is finally getting a feature that should have been a part of it long before. Well, we are discussing the WhatsApp screenshot blocking feature which is currently being tested on the beta versions of the app. More precisely, WaBetaInfo tells us that the WhatsApp beta for Android prevents the recipients of ‘view once’ messages from being screenshotted. He has shared some images of this thing in action. Let’s have a look.

WhatsApp screenshot blocking: How it works

WhatsApp screenshot blocking

According to WaBetaInfo, once this feature is active when you try to take a screenshot of a view-once image or screen recording of a view-once video, all you get is a black screen. WhatsApp will show you a toast message that “can’t take a screenshot due to security policy”.

Apparently, this won’t work even if you use third-party extensions to grab the screenshot. 

Here are some other things you need to know about the WhatsApp screenshot blocking feature:

  • The other person won’t be notified that somebody is trying to take a screenshot or screen recording. Rather the person attempting the act will get the aforementioned toast message and black screen.
  • At the moment, this blocking restriction is applicable on images and videos only. That means you can still take screenshots of chats and messages even if some of them are of a ‘view-once’ nature.
  • Other limitations include the clamp on forwarding, exporting, or saving disappearing images and videos.
  • All that said, nothing is stopping a person from taking a photo or video of the view once content using another phone or camera. 

The screenshot blocking feature is spotted as part of the WhatsApp beta for Android which is available through the Google Play Beta Program. However, since this is still in beta, you could expect some changes or improvements to its implementation. 

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