Now everyone can create Spaces on Twitter

By Kajoli Anand Puri | Published 25 Oct 2021 13:35 IST
  • Twitter has made Spaces accessible to all users.

  • Earlier, you needed at least 600 followers to be able to host a space.

  • Twitter has also introduced the concept of Ticketed Spaces to help creators earn more revenue.

Now everyone can create Spaces on Twitter
Now, everyone can create Spaces on Twitter

Clubhouse has disrupted the social media world with its audio-only chat rooms, demonstrating that valuable content still has a space online. In an effort to emulate the same, Twitter launched its own version known as Spaces in November 2020. Users who had over 600 followers could host a space anytime. Now, Twitter has introduced two new developments, the ability to hold Ticketed Spaces, and the ability to host a Space irrespective of your follower count. 

Now, everyone can create Spaces on Twitter

Twitter is investing heavily in Spaces

Ever since the launch of spaces, Twitter has demonstrated a keen interest in growing the platform. Over the course of a year, Twitter has added new functionalities to Spaces, including the ability to add co-hosts, up to 10 speakers (to create a panel), and a separate fund for creators leveraging Spaces, known as the Spark Program.

Now, it wants everyone to use Spaces to grow their Twitter following. It will even help creators develop a new revenue stream with the help of its Ticketed Spaces. 

Clubhouse initially began as an invite-only platform, perhaps to create the same hype that OnePlus smartphones had when they initially launched with their invite-only sales. The new social media platform abandoned the invite-only mode in July this year, believing it had garnered as much as it could out of it. Twitter, on the other hand, is a little late in making Spaces available to everyone and it will be interesting to see whether this gap will impact customer adoption. 

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