iOS 13 will warn users if they delete apps with active subscription

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 18 Jun 2019
iOS 13 will warn users if they delete apps with active subscription
  • iOS 13 will warn users if they delete an app with an active subscription.
  • Users will be able to use the same subscription on other iOS-powered devices.
  • They can also manage subscriptions right from the pop-up alert.

Apple announced iOS 13 at WWDC and highlighted major features of the operating system. As expected, there is more to the OS than meets the eye. The second developer beta of iOS 13 has now been released and multiple smaller features of the OS are coming to light. One such feature has been spotted by Federico Viticci, Editor-in-Chief, MacStoriesNet & ClubMacStories. Viticci shared his finding on Twitter, showing a feature which makes users more aware of the subscriptions they’ve signed up for using the iOS App Store. If a user deletes an app that has an active subscription, a warning pop-up will appear giving the user an option to reconsider the action and/or manage subscription.


Additionally, even if a user deletes the app, the subscription remains active and can still be used on other devices, unless the user chooses to unsubscribe. As mentioned, the notification also gives users the ability to Manage Subscriptions where they can cancel the subscription before deleting the app. This was a much needed feature in iOS since many a times, one would forget to unsubscribe before deleting a subscription app from their iPhone or iPad only to find themselves still being charged for the subscription thanks to Apple's automatic renewal feature.

The latest development builds on a feature that was introduced earlier this year. Apple added an additional step to the subscription process to mitigate the problem of accidental subscription sign-ups. After users authenticate a subscription via Touch ID or Face ID, they’ll see a pop-up asking them to confirm the subscription.


In iOS 13, Apple also included background location tracking alerts to check which apps are using location data and when. When the stable operating system releases, users will be served with app-tracked location data plotted on a map. 9To5Mac reported that users will get pop-up notifications alerting users of the apps that are tracking their location. Additionally, iOS 13 will bring the highly-anticipated Dark Mode, and will be implemented system-wide with all of Apple’s first-party apps sporting a darker hue. Other features include the new swiping keyboard feature, and some privacy-centric enhancements. You can read the details here.

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