Consumer Reports ranks LG OLED TVs as the No.1 OLED TV brand in North America

Sponsored | Published 15 Sep 2017
Consumer Reports ranks LG OLED TVs as the No.1 OLED TV brand in North America
  • After taking North America and Europe, LG OLED TVs solidify top spot in the Premium TV Market

The premium TV market is heating up globally. Manufacturers are now offering the latest and greatest technologies to the masses. Gone are the days of the so-called ‘idiot box’. Modern TVs are smart, and are far from resembling a box. Now you get sleek and chic designs that blur the line between a gadget and an art installation. 

However, with so many manufacturers offering their own take on a premium TV, finding the right TV can be a bit of a bother. Thankfully, U.S-based firm, Consumer Reports, recently released a list of recommended TVs, which should make things a little easier. As per the list, LG’s flagship TV, the LG OLED W7 took the top spot with a score of 89. Five TVs jointly took the second spot with a score of 88, out of which three were by LG. In fact, 11 of the top 13 spots on the list are taken up by LG TVs, specifically, its OLED TVs. You can take a look at the entire list below. You can take a look at the entire list below and you’ll clearly see that LG is the most preferred brand as per the report.

Ranging Model Score Panel Type Remarks
1 LG OLED65W7P 89 OLED -
Sony XBR-65A1E 88 OLED -
Sony XBR-55A1E 88 OLED -
7 LG OLED65B7P 87 OLED -
10 LG OLED65E6P 85 OLED -
Sony XBR-65X930E 82 LCD -
15 Sony XBR-55X930E 81 LCD -
LG 65SJ9500 80 LCD Nano Cell
Samsung QN65Q7C 80 LCD QLED
Samsung QN65Q8C 80 LCD QLED
LG 65SJ8000 79 LCD Nano Cell
Samsung QN65Q7F 79 LCD QLED
Samsung QN65Q9F 79 LCD QLED
Samsung UN65MU850D 79 LCD -
Samsung UN65MU8500 79 LCD -
Samsung UN55MU9000 79 LCD -
Samsung UN55KS9000 79 LCD -

Media houses in the west have also praised the LG OLED TVs. UK-based, What Hi-Fi gave the TV a perfect 5, calling it “the most eye-catching TV,” while French magazine, Les Numeriques gave the TV a perfect score saying that it is “an excellent TV and the very best when it comes to picture quality.” So why is it that LG OLED TVs are ranked so highly by Consumer Reports and other media houses? Well, there are multiple reasons for that. Let’s take a look at LG’s flagship TV, the LG OLED W7, and see what it has to offer.

Breathtaking design

The LG OLED W7, eschews the traditional design template of TVs and rewrites the rulebook. The TV removes all the other elements such as thick bezels, speakers and so forth in order to keep the attention of the viewer on what they are watching. The speakers and connections are housed in a separate section called the LG OLED Hub. This means that you are just left with a panel that is just 4mm thick. It truly is a wallpaper TV.

One Hub with quality Dolby Atmos audio

As mentioned before, instead of plugging in all the wires to the back of the TV. You can simply plug all of those to the LG OLED Hub, and enjoy a cleaner look. In order to continue the clean looks of the TV, the Hub also houses the upward firing speakers. The audio is further enhanced with Dolby Atmos audio tech that offers an enhanced surround sound experience.

Enjoy cinematic sound at home with Dolby Atmos

Object based sound

The Dolby Atmos technology on the TV is able to capture up to 128 different sound objects in one scene at a time, leading to better clarity.

Full 360 surround sound

The LG OLED TV lets you enjoy high quality 360 degree surround sound at home. So you’ll feel like you’re actually in the movie. The high quality upward firing speakers on the stylish sound bar offers smooth high and low pitched audio, which should satiate even the most ardent audiophile. 

The beauty of OLED

The panel is arguably the most important part of any TV and the OLED panel on the LG doesn’t disappoint. Unlike traditional LCD panels, OLED panels do not have backlighting. Instead, the pixels on OLED displays can be turned on and off individually. As a result, you get higher contrast ratio, deeper blacks with more vibrant colours. So you’ll be able to enjoy colours that are truer to life.


If you thought Full HD was something, then you haven’t seen anything yet. With the LG OLED W7, you can take your TV viewing to the next level with 4K HDR. 4K offers your four times the resolution of traditional Full HD. So you get even crisper colours along with much better detail. This is then taken a notch higher with the addition of HDR with offers even better colours. The TV supports multiple HDR formats such as Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG. So you’ll be able to enjoy all sorts of quality content without worrying compatibility. In fact, the combination of Dolby Vision and Atmos offers a unique cinematic experience.

As one can see, the combination of stylish looks, combined with the number of features present make LG OLED TVs the ideal choice for anyone looking for a premium TV. Further, the TV has already won the many awards and accolades such as being selected as ‘Best of CES 2017’ by Engadget, and the ‘Best TV’ by PCMag. It was also recognised for Best of Innovation at the CES 2017 Innovation Awards. No wonder that it not only ranked so highly by Consumer Reports.

Thanks to its stunning design, great visuals and amazing audio, the LG TV is sure to win the hearts of anyone who lays their eyes on it. Add to this the futuristic technology packed into the device, and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect TV that is ideal for any household.

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