Realme 8 Pro 108MP camera detailed by company: Here is a look at its key features

Realme 8 Pro 108MP camera detailed by company: Here is a look at its key features
  • Realme 8 Pro 108MP camera has been detailed.

  • The 108MP lens features have been revealed by the company.

  • The lens is the Samsung's ISOCELL HM2 sensor.

The Realme 8 series is set to be the next big launch from the phone maker. The series feature two phones, the Realme 8 and Realme 8 Pro. Of the two, the latter has already confirmed to feature a new 108-megapixel lens. And now, ahead of the phone's launch, Realme has detailed the many forward-looking features the lens will bring to the Realme 8 Pro. 

At its Camera Innovation Event, Realme showcased revealed to the world that the Realme 8 Pro will be equipped with Samsung’s ISOCELL HM2 sensor. This lens allows for 9 to 1-pixel binning tech and up to 3x lossless zoom. Previously used on phones such as the Xiaomi Mi 10i, the ISOCELL HM2 is a 1/1.52” sensor with 0.7 μm pixel size and Super-PD autofocus. Leveraging this hardware, Realme has gone ahead and added custom optimizations to the sensor to introduce some interesting features that will be made available on the Realme 8 Pro. 

Realme 8 series In-Sensor Zoom

The Realme 8 Pro's camera is being claimed to shoot stills at up to 12000×9000 pixel resolution and record videos up to 4K@120 fps. However, one of the biggest features of the Realme 8 Pro's new camera set-up is that it will allow for 3x in-sensor lossless zoom to improve detail retention and colors accuracy. For this, the phone will take 8 consecutive 12MP photos which will then go through the camera algorithm to increase clarity. As per Realme, this process is fast and more importantly superior to zoom results achieved using telephoto modules. Although, the company has not mentioned which 

The Realme 8 Pro's camera is being claimed to shoot stills at up to 12000x9000 pixel resolution

Realme 8 series Starry Mode

The other big feature detailed by Realme is the Starry Mode. This again uses the 108MP sensor to allow for astrophotography-based time-lapse videos. As the company explained, traditionally the results of Starry Night mode are achieved by recording multiple clips with DSLRs which are then edited on a computer. However, with the Realme 8 Pro, the company claims to achieve similar results by using a time-lapse video algorithm. Realme also detailed the process as it explained that with the mode on, the phone shoots 30 photos for 480 seconds (8 minutes) which then results in a 1s time-lapse video. However, because of the nature of the feature, Realme has suggested the use of a tripod to capture videos in in Starry Mode. 

Realme 8 series Tilt-Shift Mode

Leveraging the power of the ISOCELL HM2, Realme is also enabling Tilt-shift photography on the Realme 8 Pro. The company claims the 8 Pro will be the first smartphone with tilt-shift video capture. This mode can be used to both click photos and time-lapse videos. Again, the company claims that it is doing away with the need for expensive hardware and instead will use an algorithm to capture tilt-shift photos and videos. As the feature works, photography using this mode will create shots and time-lapse videos where parts of the image will remain out of focus with the centre remaining in focus. In this mode, the user is also allowed to select the level of blur, to create desired transition effects between blurred and clear areas. 

Realme 8 series Portrait Filters

Apart from this, the new camera set-up will bring with itself three new Portrait  Mode filters. These include the Neon Portrait, Dynamic Bokeh Portrait and AI Colour Portrait. Of the three, the Neon Portrait looks the most interesting as it adds a neon effect to the clicked picture by blurring the lights in the background. 

The company also detailed the AI Color Mode that appears to amp up the colours in the image to create a nice little visual effect. The dynamic bokeh is the third filter being introduced by the company with the Realme 8 Pro. It creates a blur effect in the background to mimic the effect that you get when shooting fast-moving traffic at high shutter speed. 

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