6 things we hate about Pokemon Go

By Team Digit | Updated 21 Jul 2016
6 things we hate about Pokemon Go
  • Pokemon Go is a great game, but every great game also has some really annoying elements. Here's what's annoying us right now.

We always thought fitness gadgets would push us to exercise, but turns out, all we needed was Pokemon Go. We got the ‘Walked 10km’ medal on the second day, and have walked all around Delhi ever since. In fact, most of us here at Digit, have lost a few kilos ever in the past week or so. In doing so, we’ve learned all that we can about Pokemon Go and how to play it, and we all unanimously agreed that these are the things we do not like.


The mechanics of Pokestops

Walking to a Pokestop is great, but we really don’t like how it works. You need to spin the coin that pops up, and get pokeballs, revives, potions and more. That’s all good, but why does one not get to choose what they need? A Pokestop is basically a shop where you get items. Then why do players not get to choose what they need from the shop?

Come to think of it, this may even open up new avenues for monetisation. Not that this game isn’t earning enough, but you could have items exclusive to Pokestops, which can be bought only when a player is at one of these locations.


Where are the friggin PokeCenters!

The original Pokemon games, and the series, had Pokemon centers. We don’t need Nurse Joys at all of them, but can’t the AI algorithm behind the game be tweaked to turn some real world locations into Pokecenters?

In the games, Pokecenters allow you to heal your Pokemon for free, which is something this game seriously needs. Sure, it’ll reduce the use of Potions, and hence earn the developers less money, but Pokecenters need to be there, even if in smaller numbers.


No way to train

In the original games, Stardust is something you sell in order to get more money, NOT train Pokemon. It’s annoying that you don’t get to actually train your Pokemon in battles. Using Stardust and Pokemon candy is neither the ‘Pokemon way’ nor something that’s fun.

Pro tip: You can’t keep increasing a Pokemon’s CP till kingdom come, they all have a limit, depicted by the semi-circular bar on top of their photos (after tapping on them).


No way to battle or trade

Speaking of battles, why can’t we battle each other, or wild Pokemon! Sure, it may be difficult to actually program that in AR, but we don’t really need that. Pokemon Go could be the first true multiplayer game on mobiles, and allowing PvP battles will really add a new dimension to the game.

The interaction with other players in the game really needs to increase. There’s no point in having the three teams (Mystic, Valor and Instinct) just for the gyms. Pokemon card trading has been a big part of the Pokemon universe over time, and Pokemon Go needs the same.


The three teams need to have more significance in the game. Perhaps Articuno should show up only to players in Team Mystic, Moltres to Valor and Zapdos to Instinct.

Explain the game

This game really needs an instruction manual. Most things have been explained by various websites online, and the developers have been most unhelpful in helping people understand the game. Here are some questions that need to be answered, still.

  • How do the Nice, Great and Excellent catches work? Most explanations haven’t been particularly accurate right now. You’re supposed to throw the ball within the circle that shows up while catching Pokemon, but that doesn’t always happen.
  • Pokemons appearing to you: The Pokemons that you see around you are supposed to change as you go higher up the levels. This means that stronger and rarer Pokemons will appear when you’ve levelled up. That’s great, but is there any way to determine CP levels that one can expect?
  • Evee evolutions: Why can’t you control Evee’s evolutions? Is there a way to know what your Evee will evolve into?

Special Evolutions

This includes evolutions like Evee's, and others that happen through stones in the games. Perhaps a way to get these stones would be a good idea. Also, why can’t you catch a Shellder and Slowpoke to get a Slowbro? That would be neat.

Have you been playing Pokemon Go, too? If yes, there are surely things you find annoying as well. Tell us what they are in the comments below!

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