Epic Games and Intel deliver Intel Threading Building Blocks and other benefits to Unreal Engine licensees

By Promotion | Updated 27 Apr 2017
Epic Games and Intel deliver Intel Threading Building Blocks and other benefits to Unreal Engine licensees

Game development drives systems and developers hard, with multicore technologies and the demand for parallelism increasing at a dizzying pace across all platforms. Industry leader Epic Games has incorporated Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) into the 64-bit version of Unreal Engine 3 for the scalable and efficient cross-platform memory allocator that Intel TBB delivers.


To enable Unreal Engine licensees with these same powerful tools, Epic Games and Intel have teamed up to offer Intel TBB at no charge to Unreal Engine licensees for use on their Unreal-based game development projects. Furthermore, Intel has joined the Epic Integrated Partners Program, through which most of the other Intel Software Development Products are available to Unreal Engine licensees at a special discount*.

For more information about accessing Intel TBB for Unreal Engine projects, Unreal Engine licensees can access support information through http://udn.epicgames.com. To learn more about licensing Unreal Engine for your game, simulation, or visualization project, please contact Epic at licensing@epicgames.com. For information about licensing Intel® Software Development Products to unleash maximum performance and parallelism in your code, please contact Intel at intel.software.sales.promotions@intel.com, and mention the Epic Integrated Partners Program for a special discount* on the most common tools used for graphics and game development.

For more such intel resources and tools from Intel on Game, please visit the Intel® Game Developer Zone



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