Best Xbox Controllers

Best Xbox Controllers

Over the years, the classic Xbox controller layout and design has remained unchanged for the most part. They clearly got it right with the Xbox 360 controller and saw no reason to change anything. Why fix what isn't broken, right? Even today, many third party controllers borrow the Xbox controller's shape and layout because it arguably is the most comfortable controller out there. If you're in the market for the best xbox controllers in India, look no further than this list. If you're looking at this list, chances are you already have an Xbox and therefore an Xbox controller. But there are several reasons to pick up another controller, like playing local co-op, or having an extra controller on hand for emergencies like the battery dying for example. In this list we've got the classics like the Xbox Series X|S wirless controllers, budget options like the PowerA Wired Gaming controller, pro controllers like the Xbox Elite Series 2 Core wireless controller, and versatile controllers that can adapt to the games you play like the Thrustmaster Eswap S Pro. The list has got a mix of both wired and wireless options, for those who prefer there to be absolutely no latency while gaming. With all that said, let’s get to the list.

1. Microsoft Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller

Microsoft Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller

When it comes to Xbox controllers in India, or Xbox controllers even in the world, you can’t go wrong with the classic Xbox controller that comes out of the box with the Xbox Series X|S. The shape and design of the controller has stayed pretty much the same since the Xbox 360 days and for good reason. Why fix what isn’t broken, right? The Xbox controller features great ergonomics, build quality, high quality buttons and it puts most controllers to shame in the battery and longevity department as well. This is an all-rounder controller and you won’t go wrong with it, even if you’re looking to pick up a spare.

2. Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Wireless

Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Wireless

If you’re looking for the peak when it comes to build quality in an Xbox controller in India, look no further than the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2. While it comes with a hefty price tag, there’s a noticeable difference in build quality and features when compared to the already good Xbox controller. The Xbox Elite controller not only features improved build quality with its metal finish and textured grips, but also features a plethora of customisabilty options that put it in a class of its own. You can remap all buttons with multiple profiles, set dead zones for your triggers, and even swap out the analog sticks.

3. PowerA Wired Gaming Controller

PowerA Wired Gaming Controller

If you’re in the market for budget Xbox controllers in India, then you might have come across PowerA controllers. PowerA Enhanced wired controllers are officially licensed by Microsoft and work like a charm with the Xbox. In terms of shape and design, this controller looks identical to the Xbox controller, including the layout and feel of the buttons. Of course, while it’s lacking in build quality comparatively, it’s priced at half the price of the Xbox controller, and should certainly serve your needs if you’re on a tight budget.

4. Turtle Beach Recon Wired Gamepad

Turtle Beach Recon Wired Gamepad

The Turtle Beach Recon controller from the headset makers naturally has features that are tailored towards improving your audio and mic experience when using Xbox controllers in India. This controller’s suite of audio options include buttons to adjust settings for voice chat, access to Turtle Beach EQ settings, and being to balance audio between chat and game audio, all on the controller itself. The controller itself also features solid build quality, remappable back buttons and good quality sticks and buttons in general.



Probably the priciest controller in this list of Xbox controllers in India. The Thrustmaster Eswap S Pro is actually a budget alternative to the even pricier Eswap X Pro. That being said, this controller still features great build quality and design. Additionally, like the name suggests it’s all about the customisabilty with the Eswap; the modular design allows you to swap out buttons and sticks, such as getting a flight stick for when you’re playing flight simulators. You will have to get the modules seperately however. If budget is no concern and your in the market for versatile Xbox controllers in India, then you could consider the Thrustmaster Eswap S Pro.

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