This Logitech Gaming Chair costs more than Rs 1,10,000

This Logitech Gaming Chair costs more than Rs 1,10,000
  • Furniture designer Herman Miller collaborated with Logitech to design a gaming chair.

  • It is called the Embody gaming chair.

  • The chair was shaped with inputs from physicians.

For the past 6 months, most of the world has been working from home due to the ongoing pandemic and the one thing most have realised is that they don't have the ideal table and chair to sit and work for long hours in front of a laptop. A lot of people have been investing in tables, chairs, laptop stands and more so that they don't get a back problem when working long hours from home. If you are a gamer, then you probably already have a decent setup to sit in front of a PC for hours on end, in the perfect ergonomic position. However, if you are aspiring to build such a setup, then here is a chair for you to check out. Its called the Embody and it is designed by furniture designer Herman Miller in collaboration with Logitech. The catch is that the chair costs a whopping $1495 which is a little over Rs 1,10,000 approx. directly converted. 

Why does the Logitech Gaming Chair cost so much?

So what makes this gaming chair so special? Well a lot of research went into designing the perfect gaming chair. According to, “The more research Herman Miller and Logitech did with the gaming community, the more they found that players took a variety of postures in chairs without noticing the negative impact it had on their performance and potential damage to their health over time. “This in-depth research convinced us that we needed to modify a current offering to improve lower back support, increase forward-leaning, provide a greater ability to swivel, and better adjustments for tables and monitors,” continued Straker”.

According to the Verge, “Its striking design was shaped by the input of physicians and PhDs, and the company claims it can help reduce your heart rate while you sit. There are over 150 small supports around the chair, and these apparently let blood flow more easily to regions that usually get pressed on in most chairs, like your butt, lower back, and your legs. In my experience, a side benefit of this design is that I don’t feel fatigued when I get up to emerge from the chair”.

The chair also brings with it a bunch of customization options. The user can adjust the angle of the backrest. Users can also adjust 4 different levels of recline for the chair. Users can also adjust the tilt tension changing the resistance when you lean back in the chair and a lot more. 

With utmost comfort for competitive gamers, the chair will definitely be comfortable for those looking to sit in front of a computer all day working. Alas, since work sometimes doesn’t need as much concentration as gaming, we wonder how comfortable the chair will be to sit in?

Nevertheless, you can check out the details of Acer Predator Thronos gaming chair here and always let us know the chair you use to work on and game on.

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