Here’s what will happen to your WhatsApp account if you don’t accept its new privacy policy

Here’s what will happen to your WhatsApp account if you don’t accept its new privacy policy

WhatsApp could restrict functionality of users who don't accept updated privacy policy

WhatsApp's new privacy policy goes into effect from May 15

WhatsApp says business features remain optional

WhatsApp has revealed what will happen to the accounts of users who do not accept its new privacy policy. WhatsApp introduced an update to its privacy policy earlier this year which was set to go into effect from February 8. However, amidst a backlash from users the company had to postpone it till May 15. The whole furore is over WhatsApp’s deeper integration with Facebook and how it handles user’s data. WhatsApp recently started offering business features that allow users to shop directly from the app.

According to a report by TechCrunch that cites an official email sent by WhatsApp to its business accounts, WhatsApp has revealed its plans for accounts of users who do not agree to the new terms of the privacy policy. WhatsApp says that it will ask users to accept the new policy for the continued functionality of the app from May 15.

Furthermore, if a user fails to accept the new terms, they will not be able to read or send messages from WhatsApp anymore. The app will allow such users to receive calls and notifications for some weeks after the new policy comes under effect. If a user does not accept the new terms they may be deemed inactive since the functionality will be terminated anyway. 

As such, it seems reasonable that WhatsApp will then delete these inactive accounts after 120 days going by its standard policy. WhatsApp recently clarified that its business features remain optional for users and that the private chats between users are end-to-end-encrypted. The company reaffirmed that its new policy does not expand its ability to share data with Facebook.

WhatsApp has been sharing metadata information with Facebook for quite some time now and the new policy update allows it to share business and transaction data. WhatsApp has also outlined how it works with Facebook and business accounts saying that it wants to make it easier for people to connect with a business account if they should require. However, the company has clarified that if a business is using Facebook’s hosting services to manage its chats and communicate to customers, it may use the information provided by the user for marketing and advertising purposes.

You can read more about WhatsApp's updated privacy policy here and what it means for users here. Additionally, here are some of the security features on WhatsApp that everyone should use to safeguard their privacy.

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