How to earn the new SKS marksman rifle in Call of Duty: Mobile

How to earn the new SKS marksman rifle in Call of Duty: Mobile

The SKS marksman rifle is the newest weapon in Call of Duty: Mobile.

The weapon joins the Kilo Bolt-Action in the Marksman Rifle category of weapons.

Once unlocked, players will be able to use the weapon in Multiplayer mode

The current Season 1 New Order update of Call of Duty: Mobile introduced two new weapons into the mix. The Fr. 556 was available straight from the get-go. All players had to do was reach Tier 21 in this season’s free Battle Pass. The SKS marksman Rifle was to be added later. Now, the weapon is finally available to players.



How to unlock SKS marksman rifle in Call of Duty: Mobile

The SKS marksman rifle is available via the BR Buff Seasonal challenge. As with any other challenge, players will have to complete a specific set of challenges to rank up the challenge tiers and earn the weapon. Each tier will also reward players in the form of Call of Duty skins, Weapon XP card and more.

Steps to unlock the SKS

Here’s what players have to do to earn the SKS marksman rifle and the rewards players will get for completing that challenge. Do note that completing any challenge will also reward players with Battle Pass XP.

  • Play three BR Matches – 200 Credits
  • Kill five enemies in high-tier loot zones – Scout – Wrap skin
  • Use Trap Master BR Class 10 times – Backpack 1 – Wrap skin
  • Pick up a Customised Weapon from an Airdrop in Battle Royale three times – 15 Weapon XP card
  • Kill five enemies with a Customised Weapon from your loadout – FHJ-18 – Wrap skin
  • Pick up an Epic Weapon in Battle Royale three times – ORV – Trance skin
  • Kill 5 enemies with a Legendary weapon in Battle Royale – 15 Weapon XP card
  • Kill 5 enemies with Annihilator in BR – SKS

Once you complete the final challenge, you will receive the SKS marksman rifle. Players will be able to level up and customise the gun via the Gunsmith. They will also be able to use it in Multiplayer matches. It should be noted that before this, the weapon was only available in Battle Royale mode.

Besides SKS, Activision also released the Desperado Battle Royale class today. This is more of a defensive class with the special ability to deploy a Shield Turret. Desperado players will also be armed with a pistol when downed. If they get a kill in this state, they will be revived. You can check out our COD Mobile guide on the entire season here.

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