Cooler Master's Sanket Naik sheds light on re-inventing for the service economy

Industry leader | Published 10 Jun 2021
Cooler Master's Sanket Naik sheds light on re-inventing for the service economy

We're celebrating our 20th birthday this month, and we've invited industry experts, researchers and scientists to write in and paint a vision of the future, 20 years from now. Here's what Sanket Naik, South Asia Manager, Cooler Master had to share about his vision of the future.

Technology. Where would we be without it, right? We’re living in an age where the tech industry is consistently enhancing the way we live our everyday lives, from smartphones to smart cars and everything in between. We're extraordinarily lucky to be living alongside some of the most incredible science and tech innovations to date.

Over the last 30 years, Cooler Master has revolutionised CPU cooling, from the much-loved Hyper 212 to the technology pushing MasterLiquid Sub-Zero cooler. But there isn’t any slowing down now, boasting a whole range of products including power supplies, cases, peripherals, even monitors and chairs.

It’s clear we keep pushing the industry limits, but in the foreseeable future we aim to lead this innovation not only by creating exciting new products, but with interesting new business models and services as well. Let’s have a look at what the future has in store...

Cooler Master has been a well-known PC components solution provider for almost 30 years now. But as the PC market is getting more and more competitive, we’re expanding our product portfolio to reach a wider demographic in order to transform Cooler Master into a tech-lifestyle oriented brand.

We’ll be focusing on three key areas – Immersive Experience, Cloud Gaming and Advanced Computing. Through innovative design and craftsmanship, hardware and software integration such as lighting, sound effects, control interface and ergonomics to elevate user experience on visuals, audio and overall comfort. In addition, Our CM IMX business unit oversees the development of an integrated immersive experience solution such as GamePod and SimRig which will also serve a vessel integrated with all Cooler Master products such our peripherals, new I/O devices and even a full PC rig. This product will have a modular design to allow users to configure the spec based on their needs, offering a high degree of customization and personalization to enable users to create their own unique product.

We’re witnessing technology advance at an exponential rate, and with disruptive technology emerging faster than ever, VR, 5G and AI are all revolutionising our industry at this very moment. With everything we’ve seen in the past 20 years, it really is hard to predict the direction in which the technology industry will progress. Technology is built to solve and satisfy human needs so whilst we, as humans, continue to evolve, this will continue to be the driving force for our industry, to design products that make human life a little easier and more enjoyable. 

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic completely altered the working and learning landscapes as we knew them. Many people are working and studying from home; standards and needs have changed. E-learning took a step up as schools and colleges closed and needs for more accessible and interactive ways to learn became visible early on.

From this, the idea to set up our own academy arose, and thus, the Cooler Master academy freshman year is in full swing. This space gives back to our younger demographics what the pandemic took away from them.

We want to give people the tools, know-how and opportunity to come up with great ideas to share with the world by offering personalised learning, mentorship and business cooperation opportunities to really allow young audiences to get in touch with their entrepreneurial side. This is achieved by granting access to Cooler Master’s vast array of resources that we’ve built over the past 30 years with engineers, designers, marketeers and sales experts available to provide feedback to bring their ideas to life.

Besides the mass migration we noticed in recent years we also noticed that consumer behaviors from the PC gaming and tech community was shifting from a ‘product economy’ to a ‘service economy’. Based on this change we took it upon ourselves to create a new business unit that focuses entirely on forming strong interaction and engagement with younger generations, and so Master XP was born.

Master XP’s goal is achieved by integrating various online/offline gamification methods as well as creating a global channel through entertaining and immersive gaming experiences.

We introduce and develop brands in the gaming and esports industry, combining the world of gamification with two strategic areas of focus, entertainment and communication. This creates greater exposure from exciting events and engaging programs to attract larger crowds of a younger demographic.

But when looking at our community, we also noticed something else; The need to have exclusive ownership. 20 years ago, we couldn’t imagine that someone would pay to have an exclusive in-game skin, and a couple of months ago the world didn’t even knew what NFT’s were. This behaviour will continue in the gaming domain when it comes down to owning exclusive systems. That’s why we’ve created the CMODX platform.

CMODX is the personalize & performance division of Cooler Master, where you will find premium made, custom-like PC builds that are designed and curated by the industry’s most innovative & creative designers from the likes of AKMod, Inony, Timpelay, specializing in cross-industry collabs to bring the freshest ideas to life.

As we move to the next era as a Tech lifestyle brand, we embrace open collaborations with talents and brands to bring something spectacular (in both style and performance) to the market.

Working hand in hand across different businesses, platforms and service models on Cooler Master’s platform, we re-invent and define the immersive work and play experience from product level all the way to how consumers engage and interact with our brand.

With everything we’ve seen in the past 20 years, it’s hard to really predict the direction in which the technology industry will progress. One thing is certain; When you look up into the dark night sky in 2041 and see a flying Cosmos out there in the milky way, you can be sure it’s our COSMOS 50th year anniversary edition.

- By Sanket Naik, South Asia Manager, Cooler Master

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