How e-cycles work and why they make sense for daily commuting

Sponsored | Published 31 Dec 2020
How e-cycles work and why they make sense for daily commuting

E-cycles are one of the newer forms of commuting in the world. They are exactly what the name suggests, and 'electric bicycle' wherein it is a bicycle with an electric motor attached to it. As such, commuters get to experience the best of both worlds. Of course, the question on everyone's mind is, how exactly does an e-cycle work and why should anyone consider getting one? 

How E-cycles Work

How electric cycles work is pretty straightforward. Well, the most obvious differentiator between a traditional cycle and an e-cycle are the addition of three major components to a traditional bicycle. This includes the all-important motor, a battery to provide power to the motor, and a sensor (or sensors) that makes different riding modes possible. All of these working in tandem is pretty much how ecycles work.

The Motor

Pretty much all e-cycles, including those offered by Hero Lectro are powered by a Brushless DC (BLDC) motor. These motors offer a host of advantages over their brushed counterparts. For starters, these motors have a higher torque to weight ratio, which is quite useful in a vehicle. Moreover, it also offers better efficiency, so you can go further on a single charge.  The lack of contact brushes in BLDC motors also offers other advantages such as better reliability, lower maintenance costs and reduced noise. Due to all these benefits, the BLDC motor is an obvious choice for e-cycles like those offered by Hero Lectro. These motors are usually placed in the rear hub of e-cycles as the frame would offer good support for the motor. Further, as this is an electric motor, you don't have to worry about the electric cycle working up a racket as you cruise along.

The Battery

Compared to the motor, the batteries in e-cycles are quite straight forward. E-cycles come with lithium-ion batteries, similar to the ones you would find in smartphones or laptops. They also charge in pretty much the same way. You just plug the cycle in just like you would your phone.

The batteries are usually placed inside the frame, in order to keep the weight as close to the center as possible. This allows for greater overall stability, which is a must when it comes to two-wheeled vehicles. On top of this, users don’t have to worry about rain or mud interfering with electronics as most e-cycles, including those offered by Hero Lectro, tend to offer a rating of IP67 for water and dust resistance. 

Sensors and Ride Modes

An e-cycle can offer different types of ride modes to users. However, in order to offer these modes, e-cycles need to incorporate different sensors to ensure the vehicle works as intended. Hero Lectro e-cycles offer four ride modes to users. The ‘Pedal’ mode is pretty straightforward and when activated, the e-cycle works like a traditional bicycle. The second one is called ‘Assist’ and it uses a torque sensor to measure the force applied by the rider on the pedals, and then helps out by adding some power from the motor. This is said to reduce the rider’s effort by as much as 80%.

There are also ‘Cruise’ and ‘Throttle’ modes that make use of speed sensors. In Cruise mode, the speed sensor ensures a steady speed of 6km/h. In Throttle mode, the speed sensor increases the top speed limit to 25km/h, allowing the rider to whizz past pedestrians without the need to pedal. So you’ll be able to use an electric cycle without working up a sweat. 

Thanks to their relative affordability and ease of use, e-cycles are a good option for daily commuters. In fact, Hero Lectro has a range of e-cycles that would watch the needs of most commuters. Those looking for something affordable and simple may want to check out the Hero Lectro C3. However, those with a higher budget and on the lookout for something with more features may wish to check out something like the Lectro C8 that packs a bunch of nifty features. Hero Lectro offers a wide range of different e-cycles to choose from. So you are sure to find something that best suits your needs.

E-cycles also offer all the benefits of traditional cycles. First off, one can hardly doubt an electric cycles' sustainability level when it comes to a greener environment, while also being an excellent way to stay fit. The addition of an electric motor allows the rider to get a bit of assistance when pedalling uphill. If you want, you can completely switch to power mode and use the motor to power through your commute. An invaluable feature when you are completely exhausted after a hard day’s work. As if all this wasn’t enough, e-cycles are also quite affordable, easier to maintain and offer cheaper fuel prices as compared to traditional combustion-powered two-wheelers. As a bonus, you don’t need a licence to ride an e-cycle, so anyone is free to use it. Just remember to follow the rules of the road to stay safe.

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