Garena Free Fire Weapons Guide: Sniper Rifles
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Garena Free Fire Weapons Guide: Sniper Rifles

There are a ton of weapons to choose from in Garena Free Fire. However, when it comes to long range attacks, the sniper rifle rules the roost. Here is a look at all the sniper rifles currently available in Garena Free Fire

Shrey Pacheco  | Published 07 Oct 2020 16:01 IST

Video games are rife with a variety of weapons for players to choose from and Garena Free Fire is no exception. Players get a smorgasbord of weapon types that they can use on their way to a BOOYAH! Victory. However, if you want to kill an opponent on the other end of the map, there is only one weapon for this type for the job. These high-powered weapons may not be very good in close range situations, but their high damage output, coupled with a high-powered scope make them deadly at range. 

As with any good game, Garena Free Fire comes with a bunch of sniper rifles to choose from. Here’s a look at all the sniper rifles that currently available in the game. Do note that these weapons are listed in no particular order.

Kar 98K

Garena Free Fire's Kar98K sniper rifle is a good all-rounder

The Kar98K should be instantly recognizable to gamers, especially those who played PUBG Mobile. This bolt-action weapon is as deadly as ever in the right hands in Free Fire. It comes with a pre-attached 8x scope and can be attached with a silencer or a muzzle. It's a very good all-round weapon and can be deadly in the right hands.


Garena Free Fire's AWM sniper rife is powerful and can be lethal in the right hands

The AWM should instil fear in the hearts of every gamer, especially Counter Strike players. The version of the weapon in Free Fire offers similar stats as the Kar98K, but with better reload speeds and the option for magazine expansion. Think of the AWM as a slightly improved version of the Kar98K,


Garena Free Fire's M82B sniper rifle can penetrate Gloo Walls

The M82B is a bulky sniper rifle that only accepts a Silencer attachment and also offers one of the lowest movement speeds of all sniper rifles. However, its main job is to deal with those pesky Gloo Walls. The weapon can penetrate those walls, leaving an unsuspecting victim in for a surprise. 


Garena Free Fire's VSS sniper is low on power, but comes with a pre-attached silencer

The VSS isn’t exactly a very powerful sniper rifle as it offers the lowest damage. But it comes with a pre-attached 4x scope and a silencer which can be quite deadly for lightly armoured opponents. As such, it can be useful in the early stages of the game, but its usefulness diminishes as the game progresses.


Garena Free Fire's SKS sniper rifle offer automatic fire over long range

The SKS sniper rifle comes with a pre-attached 4x scope and offers a higher rate of fire as compared to its bolt-action brethren. However, this rapid fire comes at the cost of slightly reduced range and lower accuracy. As such, the weapon can be a good option in mid-to-long range battles. Its high rate of fire also makes it a good sniper for those who are new to the game.


Garena Free Fire's SVD is only available via air drops

The SVD is only available via airdrops and can be thought of as an upgraded version of the SKS rifle as it too offers a higher rate of fire with greater damage and armour penetration. As such, it can be a devastating weapon late in the game where players are decked out in full armour.

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