Intex B133Z-E2110 Review


We’re very reluctant to recommend this laptop to business users, because of the pathetic battery life. The performance scores were understandable, and this laptop is good enough for everyday office tasks, but only if you keep it plugged in. This defeats the purpose of it being light and portable.

No business being a business laptop


The new B133Z-E2110 from Intex is a good looking light-weight laptop. With its brushed metal finish black body and silver outlines, this laptop scores some points in the looks department. Intex has kept the laptop lightweight and portable.


The glossy display stands tall at 13.3-inches, and reproduces some brilliant and vibrant visuals, which are visible from most angles. As far as input devices are concerned, this notebook has a small keyboard, and those with large fingers will have trouble using the function and scroll keys. The trackpad, however, is quite sensitive and a joy to work on. You don’t even need to feel for the left-click button.


To make it portable and light weight, Intex includes a smaller 4-cell battery in this laptop, and this is only capable of running it for an hour. This is terrible, because you would think that battery life is of the utmost importance in a business notebook.

In terms of configuration, the laptop features an Intel T5750 processor running at 2 GHz with 2 GB of DDR2 RAM. The laptop doesn’t come with an installed OS, so if you’re a Linux junkie, this is a good thing; terrible for Windows users, because you have to shell out extra for an OS — or maybe not!


In terms of performance, this system is rather slow and is good enough for basic office work such as word processing, presentations and Web browsing.


You can connect to the Net via WiFI, LAN and 3 USB ports to choose from if you want to hook up your USB data card. The laptop performed badly in our tests, scoring just 2854 marks in PCMark 05, and a mere 373 in 3DMark 05.



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