Cooler Master NotePal X1 Review


Unlike the previous P1, the X1 is lighter but not as solid. It is compact and carried around easily. At Rs 1,400, it’s not priced badly either. It’s something anyone with a laptop that heats up would like to carry around—not only for cooling but also for a slightly ergonomic positioning

Good performance in an attractive package

Cooler Master has released another cooling solution for the notebook that reached us. This new one is called the NotePal X1 and its design does actually look like the shape X in some ways.

This product again hopes to cool down laptops that ever so growing in performance but with the limited space constraints, there is a lack of proper cooling solutions. There is no chance of adding internal coolers, so the best one can do is add external ones. The X1 sits right under your laptop like a docking station. Unlike the previous NotePal P1 we tested, this one has one big fan at the centre of the platform.

The cooler is powered using a USB port and there is a power button next to it. To the side, there is a speed dial to alter the speed of the fan. The fan itself isn’t very noisy and the platform is vibration free. The fan helps cool the underneath of the laptop a lot but there’s very little difference that you notice on the upper surface. The X1 is light and it can also be placed on the lap while using your laptop without the heat of the laptop getting to you. There are also additional folded pegs that can raise the rear of the platform even more.



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