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The ability to store coordinates without any kind of computing power of a laptop or a cell phone is an excellent feature but not enough to justify a hefty price of Rs 7,000. For people who want GPS tracking, then this is one of the few products to come across. If it’s just a GPS receiver for your PC or phone, then a simple Bluetooth receiver can be bought for much less.

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Interest in GPS receivers and handheld devices has only picked up recently in India. Mobile phones with inbuilt GPS receivers are the reason for this interest. They are expensive and people without these phones have no scope of getting a GPS feature on their phone.


GPS receivers like the Satguide GPS Logger come to fulfil this requirement. The GPS Logger is a USB GPS receiver that fits into a battery pack which is used to power it. This device can be plugged into a laptop and be used as a GPS receiver. It can also be used as a Bluetooth GPS receiver which means you can connect your phone to it wirelessly.


The most important feature of the Satguide GPS Logger is its ability to store co-ordinates without even connecting to a PC, laptop or even a mobile phone. For this, the device requires to be connected to a PC or laptop and the options set for it. There are some customisations and the frequency of recording co-ordinates. The software is very basic and not the simplest to use. Co-ordinates can be exported as CSV (comma separated values) or KML. KML is used widely by Google Earth and is good free complimenting software.


As for performance, the device works perfectly fine if put in a shirt pocket or on a dashboard of a vehicle. If the refresh rates and others settings haven’t been loaded properly, then the accuracy reduces drastically.



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