GrabOn launches a new price comparison tool BestPriceOn

GrabOn launches a new price comparison tool BestPriceOn

Indian coupons and deals company GrabOn announces the launch of their new price comparison website, BestPriceOn for consumer electronics and other home appliances.

BestPriceOn by GrabOn is a new price comparison website that finds you the best online prices and where to buy them for different consumer electronics like mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc to other home appliances like TV, washing machine, refrigerators, etc. 


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India’s #1 coupons and deals company GrabOn, has announced the launch of BestPriceOn, a state of the art price comparison tool expected to take the market by storm.

GrabOn in the fourth year of its business operation has changed the way people save while shopping online. Living up to the brand slogan of ‘Save On Everything’, this startup based out of Hyderabad offers the users the best coupons and deals across all verticals from fashion to food and everything in between. From the innovative buzz notification to a browser extension that auto applies coupons for your convenience all the way to bringing the couponing experience to your smartphones with a savings app, GrabOn has left an indelible mark on the space.

What is BestPriceOn?

GrabOn now ventures into the price comparison market with BestPriceOn. BestPriceOn is a mobile phone comparison website which aims to make your search and subsequent shopping a lot easier. With a curated NLP (Natural language processing) search and Machine Learning technology, BestPriceOn lets you search for products without putting in jargons of any sorts.


Forget about specific keywords, just search in your layman terms and get relevant and the best results. Almost like a conversation, you can ask BestPriceOn about the ‘best mobiles under 10,000 with 2GB RAM’ or ‘washing machine with front load and fully automatic technology above 6 liters’. The Artificial Intelligence and the Machine Learning that went into constructing this website, understands a user’s behavior and the way one searches.


Ashok Reddy, the CEO and founder of GrabOn had this to say about the latest entry into the price comparison market, ‘27 million phones were shipped to India in the Quarter 1 of FY 2017 (according to KPCB report). The average Indian buyer searches nearly 10 times before actually making a smartphone purchase. With BestPriceOn, we aim to capture 10-15% of this price comparison market in the next two years. It is not limited to mobile phones alone, BestPriceOn provides you with the best suggestions across categories like laptops, tablets and other consumer electronic goods.’
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