Brand Trust, Convenience and Value for money are driving more consumers online to purchase TV, as per CMR

Brand Trust, Convenience and Value for money are driving more consumers online to purchase TV, as per CMR

As per a new study by CyberMedia Research (CMR), India’s trusted technology research and consulting firm, more Indian consumers in the post- pandemic India want to purchase their next TV online. The CMR study titled “India, and the TV buying behavior” revealed that in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, the ease of home delivery, therange of TV choices, and the attractive and affordable payment offers are the key factors influencing the online TV purchase.

According to Satya Mohanty, Head- Industry Consulting Group (IIG), CyberMedia Research (CMR), “In-home entertainment has taken an entirely new meaning in the new normal. While Indians generally hold onto their TV for an average of eight years, more consumers are now seeking to upgrade their entertainment experiences with the latest TV. Cord-cutting is now a key trend amongst consumers, with internet connectivity in TVs being a key purchase driver.”

Amazon is the foremost choice of consumers when it comes to TV purchases and scores highest amongst online eCommerce portals when it comes to brand trust (71%), convenience (67%) and value (65%). Croma leads in offline retail.Interestingly, three in every five offline TV buyers are exploring their next TV purchase online. This shift could be attributed to increased digital fluency over the past two years.

“Beyond the born-on-the-internet generation, our study findings point to a shift in the mindset of traditional offline consumers. While touch and feel has been a key part of their purchase journey, they are now more open to exploring TV purchase online. Trust, convenience and value are the key purchase drivers. As per our study findings, Amazon is the preferred platform of choice for TV purchases, with the brand scoring the maximum in brand awareness, trust, consideration, and preference amongst online as well as offline buyers,” said Prabhu Ram, Head- Industry Intelligence Group (IIG), CyberMedia Research (CMR).

Here are the major study findings:

A. TV Purchase Considerations

– Current TV Usage and future TV Consideration. Five in every eleven users have bought or planning to buy a new TV in order to upgrade from the old, regular TV to a Smart TV. The top three sources of awareness as well as major influencers for TV purchase include friends/family (65%), online portals (59%) and social media (46%).

– Sound quality (74%) and picture quality (69%) are the two most important features considered while selecting any TV brand.

– Screen size (75%), slim frame (69%) and advanced design (66%) top the list of user considerations, when it comes to design aesthetics on new TVs.

Online TV Buyer Insights

– Purchase Triggers and Preferred eCommerce Platforms. Doorstep delivery (60%) is the most important trigger to buy TV online. Value for money and Trust are the key drivers for shopping TVs online.

– Among online consumers, Amazon scored the maximum in brand awareness (94%), consideration (81%), usage (90%), preference (51%) and satisfaction (64%).

 Fast and safe delivery is the most important expectation from online portals. Amazon is most preferred by consumers for its swift delivery (65%), safe damage-free delivery (58%)and friendly-support personnel (52%).

Offline TV Buyer Insights

– For Indians, ‘touch and feel’ remains a major part of purchasing electronics. The need for physical examination (69%) is the main driver to purchasing TV offline.

– Croma is the leader among offline sales, scoring the highest in brand awareness (96%), usage (33%) and preference (28%). However, in Tier 2 cities, preference of neighborhood shops (45%) scores over Croma (19%).

– Interestingly, five in every nine offline TV buyers are aware of online portals to purchase TV. Amongst offline buyers, Amazon scored the maximum in brand awareness (97%), consideration (83%) and preference (62%).
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