Wi-Fi-enabled 10A Smart Plugs that work with Alexa and Google Assistant

Wi-Fi-enabled 10A Smart Plugs that work with Alexa and Google Assistant

Earlier, scheduling operations of home appliances seemed to be a scene from a sci-fi film. But today, with the help of smart plugs, this has turned into reality! These devices can help you set timers for how long a power switch would remain on and help prevent overcharging of your smartphones or laptops. Moreover, they also come equipped with voice assistant support through which you can access the various appliances around your home through voice commands. If you are looking to buy a smart plug for your home, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. First, ensure that they support at least 10 A of power. Second, make sure that the ones you shortlist support voice commands and scheduling options. Following are a few good options of 10 A smart plugs on Amazon that work well with both Alexa and Google Assistant.    

Aviga WiFi Smart Plug 

The Aviga WiFi Smart Plug can work with any home appliance that has up to 10 A of current requirements. It enables you to control your plugs remotely with its scheduling function. Moreover, since it supports voice commands, the Aviga WiFi Smart Plug can seamlessly comply with Google Assistant and Alexa. With its timer function, the smart plug allows you to decide for how long the plug would remain switched on. This feature helps prevent overcharging of mobile phones, laptops, and other devices. You could program this smart plug to switch on automatically at the time you usually wake up, enabling you to wake up to your favourite music or news channel. The device can control appliances like your LED TVs, music system, and mobile chargers, making your home smarter. You can also control this smart plug with the SmartLife app, through which you can control every function remotely.       

Acasa Wi-Fi Smart Plug   

Thanks to its compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, the Acasa Wi-Fi Smart Plug can switch your home appliances on or off by voice control. It even allows you to control the connected appliances from remote locations with its SmartLife app. The Acasa Wi-Fi Smart Plug allows you to time your appliances at different intervals throughout the day through its timer function. Moreover, through its schedule option, you can turn on your appliances on or off according to your priorities, making you more organised. With unibody construction that uses flame retardant materials, it can be safely used with a wide variety of electronic devices. In terms of safety, it has an overload protector that shields your devices against voltage fluctuations and a child safety shutter that prevents children from sticking their fingers inside the sockets.    

HomeMate WiFi Smart Plug 

The HomeMate WiFi Smart Plug allows you to create customised schedules for your appliances so that they can run as per your preferences. With this smart Wi-Fi-enabled plug, you would be able to use voice commands to turn your appliances on or off. Moreover, since it offers control from remote locations with its HomeMate Smart application, you can make sure that you always turn off your lights whenever you get out of your house! You could also use its timing function to make your life more convenient as you could program it to turn on your coffee machine before you even wake up. Apart from these, some of its other notable features are that it supports current requirements of up to 10 A and has a Sharing & Grouping option that gives way to multi-person control.    

Zebronics ZEB-SP110 Smart Wi-Fi Plug

The Zebronics ZEB-SP110 Smart Wi-Fi Plug enables you to control your appliances from anywhere in the world with its Zeb Home app. Since it can support appliances like TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and geysers, the Zebronics ZEB-SP110 Smart Wi-Fi Plug would make your life convenient and easier. You could leverage its timers and schedules to turn on your geyser before you even wake up or schedule your washing machine to wash your clothes at a particular time. Moreover, since it offers seamless integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you could use voice commands to access your appliances. It can support current requirements of up to 10 A, making it perfect for most of the appliances around your home.    

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