Life-sized Gundam robot takes its first steps in Japan

Life-sized Gundam robot takes its first steps in Japan
  • Japanese engineers have actually built a life-sized mecha from the Gundam series

  • The robot took its first steps a few days ago

  • The Gundam robot is the world's largest robot

We’re pretty sure that India’s got some serious Gundam fans, so for all you guys, check this insane 60-foot Gundam mecha walking around in Japan. The anime and manga have captured the hearts of millions of fans across the world and leave it to the Japanese to actually create a life-sized replica of the mechas on the show. The Gundam replica is also the world’s largest robot and is located in Japan’s Port of Yokohama. It has been in construction since january and is finally ready to be shown off in its full glory. 

In the video embedded below, you can actually see the engineers designing and building the massive machine. There are even more videos that details the conception and design of the mecha. The iteration of the suit is based on the original Gundam design from the 1979 anime series. And, even though the Coronavirus pandemic brought everything to a standstill, trust the Japanese to put their head down and just get to it. The mecha is being built as a part of the Gundam exhibit and it is not yet known when the giant mecha will be available to be seen and experienced by the public. 

We, at Digit would truly love to check out this titanic robot. Let’s hope that we do actually get to see the mecha up close. 

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