Google announces YouTube Video Builder beta for businesses to create hassle-free video ads

By Digit NewsDesk | Published on 16 Apr 2020
  • Google releases YouTube Video Builder beta for businesses

  • YouTube Video Builder creates 6-15 second video ads

  • Here's how to get and use YouTube Video Builder

Google announces YouTube Video Builder beta for businesses to create hassle-free video ads
Google announces YouTube Video Builder beta for businesses to create hassle-free video ads

Google has come to the rescue of businesses who want to create a quick video ad without going through the hassle of producing and editing it with a beta release of its YouTube Video Builder. Given the Coronavirus outbreak in various parts of the world, people have been forced to stay at home with businesses adapting with the times and looking at different mediums to communicate with their audience.

The YouTube Video Builder aims to create a video for you from scratch using images, text, music from YouTube library and logos. There are different presets that one can use to set the basic timeline of the video and can customize it further by changing colours or the font.

The tool will help businesses make 6 to 15 seconds short video ads that can be used for promotional campaigns on YouTube and also uploaded on the channel by default. The purpose of these videos can be anything, from something as simple as the promotion of a particular deal by a restaurant to a supplemental asset that allows you to create your first YouTube video.

"Video is an integral part of our media strategy because our business demands visual context. Historically, video development has been a slow and labour intensive process. With Video Builder, our small team is able to spin out high quality creative with increased velocity. Given the current situation, where many of us are sheltering in place, free tools like this can help us continue to keep in touch with our customers,” says Stang Gappa, Senior Manager of Growth at Havenly, an online interior design company.

YouTube Video Builder is in beta currently so you will have to sign-up to get access to this free tool. You can click here to sign-up.

How to use YouTube Video Builder

As a pre-requisite, one needs to fill the Google Form to get access to YouTube Video Builder beta. Once Google grants access to your account, here’s how to go about using the tool to make video ads.

  1. Open Video Builder from here. If you haven’t been granted access, an error message will pop-up.

  2. Select Layout from a preset list of options.

  3. Modify colours to reflect your brand guidelines.

  4. Add logo

  5. Use the Storyboard panel to modify the timeline and add images and text accordingly.

  6. Change the font, if needed.

  7. Next, choose a music track from the list that goes with your ad.

  8. And finally, click on Create Video to render the short video ad.

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