CES 2018 Media Day: What to expect from LG, Sony, Samsung, Hyundai, Toyota and others

CES 2018 Media Day: What to expect from LG, Sony, Samsung, Hyundai, Toyota and others

CES Media Day is on Tuesday and this is what companies like Samsung, Sony, LG, Toyota and others plan to announce at their respective conferences.

Christmas is over and the New Year has been ushered with much aplomb and before you realise it, CES is looming large upon us. The world’s largest consumer electronics exhibition will kick off from Tuesday, January 9. But before the showfloor is thrown open to the thousands of people, pre-CES keynote events are what you should be keeping your eye on.

We have compiled the list of all the keynote addresses and press events that will happen on Tuesday. There are the usual suspects — LG, Samsung and Sony who will most likely unveil their next-generation televisions and then there are the automobile manufacturers who will outline their vision of the future with concept cars that will run on autonomous technology. Here’s the entire list:


All eyes will be on Intel after the chip-maker, along with AMD and ARM revealed that all their chips are vulnerable to Meltdown and Spectre, two of the biggest architectural vulnerabilities found in their chips. The keynote will be livestreamed from 6:30PM ET (8AM, Tuesday in India) and Intel’s CEO will be addressing the audience. The company is also expected to speak about 5G. Watch it live here.


Samsung has already announced a bunch of products ahead of CES and will be using the platform to delve deeper into the announcements. The keynote is scheduled at 2PM PT which means in India, it will happen from 3:30AM, Tuesday. The Korean giant is expected to give more details on its new QLED televisions, new laptops, its Family Hub Smart Fridge and more. The company already announced the new Exynos 9810 chipset that will be powering its upcoming Galaxy S9 phones.  On that note, don’t expect Samsung to announce the new flagship phones. For that, you have to wait at least till Mobile World Congress next month.


Sony is also expected to announce its new lineup of televisions apart from an update to its home theater lineup. However, considering how the wide area of consumer electronics Sony caters to, we might just get new updates about Sony’s video games, motion pictures and mobile phones. The keynote is scheduled to start from 5PM PT which means it will happen at 6:30AM Tuesday in India. Stay tuned for the livestream on our Facebook page.


Yet another bigshot in consumer electronics, LG’s press event will start from 8AM PT (9:30 PM, Tuesday in India) where we will learn more about the company’s 2018 lineup of televisions. LG’s 2018 OLED TVs were given some minor tweaks including improved image processing and frame-rate capability along with more voice control. The company will also divulge more information on its 88-inch 8K TV, smart home speakers and a flagship sound bar.


Panasonic was mostly absent from CES 2017, but it came back with a flurry of smart home devices at IFA including a roving mini fridge. With a press event scheduled by the company on 10AM PT (11:30PM, Tuesday in India), it is expected that Panasonic will launch new smart home products and perhaps some new televisions.


The Shandong-based television maker is expected to unveil its latest lineup of budget TVs. The press event is scheduled for 11AM PT which is 12:30AM, Tuesday in India.


The chinese TV manufacturer is expected to make big announcements to update its lineup of televisions this year at CES. Last year, the company launched the TCL P series Roku TV which was critically acclaimed by a lot of reviewers. The event is at 1PM PT (2:30AM, Tuesday, IST).


Famous for making in-car technology, Valeo’s press event is scheduled at 12noon PT which is 1:30AM, Tuesday in India. The French automotive manufacturer will make further inroads into the sphere of self-driving cars with a focus on autonomous driving technology.


The Japanese carmaker’s keynote will start from 9AM PT (10:30PM, Tuesday IST) with the center of attraction being the company’s third iteration of its self-driving research vehicle. The vehicle will be built on top of a Lexus LS 600hL hybrid luxury sedan featuring the new Luminar lidar array that can scan distances up to 200 meters.


The Korean carmaker will exhibit its Niro EV concept. The company will show three “cockpit-style” concept cars that will push the boundaries of human-machine interactions and in-car 5G connectivity. The event is scheduled at 4PM PT (5:30AM, Tuesday, IST).


Hyundai will detail its prototype hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle and more new tech at its press event which is scheduled at 3PM PT (4:30AM, Tuesday IST).

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