Mobile gaming is set to take a big leap with Armajet

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 16 Aug 2016
Mobile gaming is set to take a big leap with Armajet
  • Armajet promises team-based multiplayer gaming on mobiles.

The evolution of mobile games may soon be complete. Developer Super Bit Games has announced a multiplayer version for Armajet, a mobile-based shooting game. The beta period for the game will begin from August 18, for Android and iOS. “Armajet is an accessible, free-to-play multiplayer shooter designed for mobile that pits teams of players against each other in fast-paced jetpack combat,” says the description on the company’s website.


Armajet is a team-based multiplayer shooting game, with 2D graphics. It has players flying around in jetpacks, while they fight each other. From the video, it seems the gameplay is challenging, while the arenas look very similar to the old-school game, Contra.

Further, Super Bit’s website for the game says it’ll be playable across iOS and Android, which gives it an even larger scope. If the developers can pull it off, this would be the first real-time multiplayers game for mobile phones where people can actually play against each others. Armajet’s promise is in real-time gaming, which opens up opportunities for competitions etc. as well. So far, multiplayer mobile games have pitted players against each other, but one party has always been AI controlled.

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