Call of Duty: Mobile reveals more information about upcoming Season 7 battle royale map expansion

Call of Duty: Mobile reveals more information about upcoming Season 7 battle royale map expansion
  • Call of Duty: Mobile has revealed more information about the new locations added to the Isolated Map in battle royale

  • The new update was supposed to be released by now, but was delayed due to the ongoing unrest in the United States

  • Activision has not yet confirmed when the update will become available.

While Activision has delayed the launch of Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 7 in the wake of the ongoing unrest in the United States. However, the developer is still teasing some of the new features that players can expect in the new update, most notably the new locations in the newly expanded areas in the Isolated Map.

The video was posted on Twitter and it details some of the new locations and has also revealed some very interesting details about the new locations.   


Downtown is a small town characterized by a large, three-storey ballroom located in the middle. This area should offer lots of urban warfare and CQB battles.

Black Market

The Black Market seems like your average small town, but underneath is a surveillance centre than can be very important tactically. The area is said to be able to pinpoint the location of enemies and possibly even vehicles and weapons. 


The biggest feature of Harbor is the decommissioned ship that is docked. The video notes that the ship still contains toxic barrels used for chemical warfare. Shooting these barrels can cause these gases to be released. This means players will need to have situational awareness when engaging enemies. 

Besides this, the video also shows a few other locations such as Skitown, Heat and Sanatarium. While detail about these locations was not given, they seem to have more focus on CQB combat, especially Sanatarium, which may offer pitched indoor battles. 

To recall, Activision was supposed to release the Season 7 update for the game earlier this month. It will have the theme of Radioactive Agent and seems to have a greater focus on the Battle Royale mode. Besides expanding the Isolated map, the mode is also expected to see the introduction of tanks as well as a new boss. A new launch date for the update has not yet been confirmed by the company.    

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