Vinay Shetty from ASUS talks about Cloud Computing, 5G, AIoT and gaming 20 years in the future

Vinay Shetty from ASUS talks about Cloud Computing, 5G, AIoT and gaming 20 years in the future

We're celebrating our 20th birthday this month, and we've invited industry experts, researchers and scientists to write in and paint a vision of the future, 20 years from now. Here's what Vinay Shetty, Regional Director for Component Business for India & South Asia from ASUS had to share about his vision of the future.

It was in November of 2012, during our annual Sales and Marketing meeting in Taiwan, where all the top bosses of ASUS gather, that the company President Jonathan Tsang took stage to disclose, that ASUS R&D team is working on manufacturing its very first robot. There was a stunned silence amongst most of us, with many looking at him in disbelief – reminiscent of the Iron Man movie when Tony Stark walked into a press conference and nonchalantly declared, ‘I am Iron Man’. 

Cut to 2016 Pre Computex, ASUS launches Zenbo. Its first AI powered home robot that could be programmed to provide assistance and entertainment to families using voice commands and guided help.  Such is the pace of technology. Similarly, who knew even three years ago that remote working will become the future of work? This past year we have seen companies from every industry adopting work from home. And this change has opened yet another world of innovation opportunities to build in and around the needs and challenges of remote working.

Cloud Computing, 5G and AIoT

Another evolving trend is cloud computing – Be it remotely accessing data, programs or information via the internet instead of an actual physical system. Cloud computing and high speed low latency network infrastructure will enable mass penetration of low cost network optimized devices and provide an experience like never before. For example: Instead of an expensive end user device (phones / tablets etc.) we can deliver an uber experience to end users via cost efficient devices as all the compute will be on the cloud and the network infrastructure will already be 5, 6 or even 10G by then which will be low latency and high speed. With our cutting edge Graphic computing technology changing every year I can say with a degree of certainty that in future the computational experience and scalability to play a AAA title or even watching content in UHD 8k or 10k from your personal device is well within our grasp more than ever. 

AI is in our homes, our cars and in almost every piece of wearable technology that is being launched today. Coupled with IoT, our AIoT technology offers solutions to support customers and businesses in the development of fully integrated and efficient time-to-market applications and reduce their total cost of ownership. Robots and robotics will become a part of our lives and the digital world will be the centre of Human life, be it travel, food, shopping, communicating. Even Human space travel and space tourism through autonomous vehicles. By 2041 we may even see our world, our cultures run by ASUS AI powered robots in a computing sense.

ASUS AIOT in Healthcare and Gaming

Healthcare is of pinnacle importance and we have witnessed why this industry should be the area of focus for every country. Digital healthcare in hospitals and clinics is becoming increasingly essential for providing seamless patient care and improved workflows to enhance the patient experience and improve satisfaction. In collaboration with Intel and VSee, our high performance battery operated telemedicine carts will be one of the key drivers of healthcare. Powered by our popular Tinker board line of SBC, it is a one stop healthcare solution for diagnosis, monitoring and support. Apart from being deployed at hospitals, the telemedicine cart can also be taken to a patient’s home to enable doctors to legally make diagnoses and issue prescriptions and neither the doctor nor the patient needs to pay a visit physically. Today we have made this technology mobile, can you imagine what we could transition to in a few years from now?

Gaming as an industry is a thriving pool for innovation and studies from ‘Global Market Insights’ suggests it will grow by 30% by 2025. It has gained immense popularity over the last decade. What was once considered to be recreational passing of time has leapfrogged into a lucrative career option for the youth and adults likewise. ASUS Tinkerboard S supports next-generation graphics and GPU computing APIs. A custom gaming machine is just one of an almost infinite variety of uses for Tinker Board S, a flexible single board computer (SBC) that provides great durability and stability to ensure excellent user experiences for DIY enthusiasts and makers everywhere. We have already opened dialogue with a few electronics companies to develop gaming machines on the Tinkerboard S platform. The Tinker board is pegged to be a solid foundation for Gaming arcades and in mall game stations and even recreational spaces in offices in the future.

Cybersecurity: The make and break of all things Digital

The prospect and flexibility of remote working is the future, so the future is placed how cybersecurity technology is developed for an organisation, an individual and governments. Having one of the most robust Commercial-Grade Home Network Security protection – ASUS AiProtection that is available on a many ASUS router models. While a strong alliance of AIoT and Cloud computing will grow at a pace we cannot imagine, cybersecurity needs to grow at the same pace if not faster because, as convenient Digital has made our lives it has made our privacy just as vulnerable. 

– By Vinay Shetty, Regional Director for Component Business for India & South Asia at ASUS

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