Google's new education tools will help enhance classroom learning

By Karan Raj Baruah | Updated 28 Jun 2016
Google's new education tools will help enhance classroom learning
  • Google has launched Expeditions, Google Cast for Education, Quizzes in Google Forms and Creative Apps on Chromebook to help students and teachers alike.

Google lauched four new tools to help teachers engage and empower students with various skill, as technology becomes a more integral part of the classroom. The four tools are: Expeditions, Google Cast for Education, Quizzes in Google forms and new Creative apps on Chromebooks.

Launched last year, Expedition is an app that lets students take Virtual Reality trips and has since been used by over a million students in over 11 countries. Google has now made the Expeditions app available to everyone. With over 200 expeditions available, students can make Virtual Reality journeys to lands far and wide, and have an immersive experience. Google stated it will also be selling Expedition kits directly to select schools.


Google Cast for Education
Banking on Chromecast’s popularity, Google lauched Google Cast for education. With this new, free Chrome app, both teachers and students can easily cast their screens from anywhere in the classroom. Teachers are no longer tied to the projectors that are usually in the front of the room. Not only this, Google Cast for education can carry audio and video through complex school networks and works with Google Classrooms to offer comprehensive controls to teachers.

Quizzes in Google Forms
Google Forms will now allow teachers to auto-grade multiple choice questions and checkbox questions, which will streamline the process of checking and grading. Additionally, teachers can add explanations, supplemental websites or review videos and students can get quick feedback on their answers.

Creative Apps on Chromebooks
Google also launched Creative Apps on Chromebooks, which various schools can purchase as a bundle. Soundtrap, WeVideo and Explain Everything are a few apps that help students demonstrate their understanding of the curriculum in their own unique voice. Google has worked with partners such as EdTechTeacher to launch these creative apps.


Google has been working a lot to help students and teachers in general. Recently, they launched a new Android Basics course through Udacity for students who are new to the world of programming and want a head first start to Android development. Google also partnered with Tata Trusts to launch the Android Android developement nanodegree in India

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