Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 update: Here’s what to expect

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 update: Here’s what to expect

Call of Duty: Mobile will be celebrating its 1-year anniversary next month

AS such, players are expected lost of changes and additions in the Season 11 update

In order to ensure a surprise, the developers have not released a test server for this update

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 11 update is just around the corner and and it should be a big one. October will mark the 1-year anniversary of the game so players are expecting a number of major additions. However, this time around, the have not released a test server as they want all of the new additions to be a surprise. As such, leaks and information about the upcoming update have been few and far between. However, we can make some intelligent assumptions based on some hints by the Call of Duty: Mobile developers as well as some additions that have not yet been made live.


One of the major changes that happened with the recent updates was the nerfing of the UAV scorestreak. While the older version of the scorestreak showed up-to-date locations of enemy players, the latest version only shows the position of the player when the scan was performed. This greatly reduced the usefulness of the UAV. However, in a discussion on Reddit regarding Advanced UAVs, the developers joined in and stated that the players would love the new scorestreak releasing in Season 11. The Advanced UAV may work in a similar manner to the use used in the PC and console versions wherein it would not only show players an up-to-date location of the enemy players, but also show which way they are looking. 


The Overkill perk was supposed to have been released a while back. But the developers decided to hold back due to the release of Gunsmith in Season 9 which caused balancing issues. Hopefully, all that has been fixed and the new perk might finally be ready for the limelight. The Overkill perk will allow players to carry two primary weapons instead of the current combination of one primary and one secondary. 

Night Mode

There have also been whispers of the addition of a Night Mode to Multiplayer maps and the developers have confirmed on Reddit that they are working on the same. The new mode should add a new tactical challenge as players won’t have the same level of visibility as compared to the daytime. It should also be noted that we technically did see a night version of at least one of the maps last year. During the Halloween update last October, The Standoff map saw a spooker overhaul with Jack-O-Lanterns and candles, and was set in the night. 


A zombie mode has been a staple of the Call of Duty franchise for many years. While Call of Duty: Mobile did get its own version of a zombie mode, it was only available for a limited time. Not only that, but the reaction to the mode was a bit mixed. This time around, it looks like the mode will return, possibly with a bit of tweaks and additions to make the mode more fun. Wonder if they listened to any of our advice?

New weapons

Call of Duty: Mobile has been dropping new weapons with nearly each update and this time around, we might not see one or two, but rather a bunch of new weapons dropping in. In a response to a Reddit query about any new weapons coming in, the guys over at Call of Duty: Mobile responded that there were multiple weapons coming in across various categories. So all players should have something to look forward to, regardless of their weapon preferences.

Operator Skill

Just like weapons, Call of Duty: Mobile has also been on a spree when it comes to new Operator Skills. While there hasn’t been much talk about any new Operator Skills, keen eyed users spotted a new skill in the screenshots of the game on Google Play. The skill shown there is of the Tracker Operator Skill that was a part of the initial beta of the game, but was axed for the final release of the game. Videos show the skill being similar to a mix of the Annihilator and a rifle with bullets automatically tracking targets.

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