Sony Ericsson Aino sizzles – 8.1MP cam, capacitive touch at Rs. 28, 950/- Review

Sony Ericsson Aino sizzles – 8.1MP cam, capacitive touch at Rs. 28, 950/- Review

Sony Ericsson Aino is a prolific performer in the camera & multimedia segment achieving consistent scores across all the tests and truly stamped its authority, as one of the best high-end mobile phones to be tested.

Sony Ericsson Aino (front panel view)
Sony Ericsson Aino – Docking station

The Aino’s rich assortment of features include an 8.1MP camera lens, a 3-inch capacitive touchscreen (that strangely works only with the slider closed!) and an 8GB microSD card. The volume/camera zoom control and camera buttons blend into the metallic lining across the contours of the body frame. In addition, it has a sliding keypad with protruding, well spaced keys. A special notable accessory is the docking station that allows the user to slate the mobile horizontally, suitable for movies.


Sony Ericsson Aino – vertical slider keypad (regular)
Sony Ericsson Aino – 8.1MP camera, power/headphone port

The Verdict:

The Sony Ericsson Aino stands out for camera and multimedia capabilities, but its USP is Remote Play and you could give it a good thought if you own a PS3. It holds the pole position in the phone earpiece volume and bundled earphones test, scoring 10 on 10 in each category with exemplary performance in terms of producing consistent voice clarity and balanced sound output without rough overtones, even at maximum volume.

It had a consistent outing in all the other tests. It also ran very close on the heels of Vivaz in the video playback quality test while not doing so well in the captured video quality test. With the final results tipping the scales in favor of Aino, it remains one of the top performer considering the overall score across all the tests. It has an estimated price tag of Rs. 28,950 and hence about Rs. 3,300 dearer than the Vivaz model. Aino is the among the best phones tested, finishing with an overall score of 8.5.

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