Movil MC 10 – Track and secure your lost cellphone with mobile tracker Review

Movil MC 10 – Track and secure your lost cellphone with mobile tracker Review

The Movil MC 10 is a feature-rich budget phone competing against the likes of the Pine Executive. It makes a decent buy at Rs. 2, 890. Although, it cannot be recommended for best buy, as it exhibited very ordinary performance like its counterpart – the Pine Executive.

Movil MC 10 – Dual-SIM, feature-rich budget cellphone

The LCD screen, the option select and the call function buttons are coated with black brushed glossy finish. The navigation control and the central select buttons are sandwiched between the call function buttons at the top of the keypad. The keys on the keypad have narrow ridged spacing between the keys, which separate the keys from each other. The narrow spacing between the keys and lack of tactile feedback from the keys often resulted in inaccurate inputs while typing messages. The ordinary build quality of the keys also resulted in sloppy ergonomics of the keypad and the keys often tilted sideways while typing. Hence, we were quite disappointed with the keypad design and ergonomics.

The battery cover has a sliding door mechanism and latches on tightly into the grooves on the sides and one at the top-centre of the battery compartment. Removing the battery cover and the battery reveals two GSM SIM card slots and one microSD slot inside the battery compartment. There are a pair of indented holes on either side just above the battery compartment, that represent the 3D surround sound built-in speakers. There is also a low-resolution digital camera located just above the speakers, on the back-panel.

The menu interface is neat and well-organised. The most interesting feature of Movil MC 10 is the innovative mobile tracker and long distance control application. Using the mobile tracker, the user can assign a mobile tracker number, content trace and set the tracking status to active which can be locked with a special password. Also, the long distance control application enables the user to control the functionalities of the cellphone like power off, disk format, delete phone book entries, delete SMS and phone lock that can be activated when the SIM card on the mobile is changed by the culprit after stealing your mobile. The control number and content reception is assigned to another mobile number which the user can use to trace the location of Movil MC 10.  When the SIM card is removed and replaced, a discreet SMS is sent to two pre-assigned numbers. The unauthorized user’s SIM card number and phone IMEI number will appear in this SMS, to get you started on your quest to recover it… Thus, the security option looks really impressive and sophisticated considering it to be just a basic cellphone.


The Movil MC 10 had a modest outing in the signal reception and voice clarity test. It delivered consistent signal reception and unwavering voice clarity across both the zone one and zone two, while using the device ear piece. However, the device loudspeaker and hands-free clarity was mediocre to say the least. The sound output through the hands-free microphone was very feeble and hardly audible to the person on the other side. The speaker volume yielded average results and the cellphone had audibility issues when subjected to environmental background noise. The Movil MC 10 delivered very ordinary results in the Bluetooth and captured photo & video quality tests. We found evidence of pixelation and image distortion in both the captured video and video playback tests. Overall, we were not impressed with the performance of the Movil MC 10 and it was almost comparable to the ordinary performance of the Pine Executive.


The Movil MC 10 is a feature-rich, budget phone competing against the likes of the Pine Executive. Its main selling point being the impressive mobile tracker and long distance control security applications. We feel that it could be forgiven for its lacklustre performance, considering the impressive mobile tracker and long distance control applications and the low price tag. Thus, it makes a decent buy at Rs. 2,890.

Specifications: Dual-SIM (GSM GSM); Display: 2-inches; colours: 62K; resolution: 176 x 220 pixels; Memory: microSD expandable up to 4GB; Battery: 1000mAh; Colours: Black, Smoke Grey;

Accessories: Charger, handsfree stereo headset


Brand Movil
Model MC 10
Physical Specs  
Form Factor Candy Bar
2G Network Bands GSM 900/1800
3G Network Bands NA
Screen Resolution 176 x 220
Screen Size (inches) 2-inches
Maximum Screen colours 62K colours
Touchscreen / Dual Screen (Y/N) NA
Battery Rating 1000mAh
Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm
Expandable Memory Type microSD (up to 4GB)
Hot Swappable (Y/N) N
Available Colours Black, Smoke Grey
Other Features  
Operating System Native/proprietary
Charging via USB (Y/N) N
Hardware Keypad (Regular/QWERTY) Regular
Accelerometer (For auto rotate) NA
Address Book Capacity 500 entries
No of calls in register
Talk Time / Standby Time *
No of Profiles # / Customisable (Y/N) 8 / 8(Y)
Offline Operability (Y/N) Y
Inbuilt GPS / A-GPS support (Y / N) N
EDGE max speed NA
3G max speed NA
Connectivity (WiFi/Bluetooth/IR/USB) N/Y/N/N
Bluetooth Version/A2DP support
Bundled Accessories Charger, Hands-free stereo headset
Size of memory card provided None
Overall Build Quality (So 10) 6.5
Overall Ergonomics (So 10) 6.5
Keypad Design (So 10) 5.5
Camera Specs  
Camera Resolution (Mega Pixels)  352 x 288
Video Capture Resolution
Dual Cameras / Auto Focus / Flash (Y/N) N/N/N
Mirror for self portrait (Y / N) N
Camera Settings (So 10) 6
Zoom (Optical/Digital) NA
Music Formats supported MP3
Video formats supported MP4
FM Radio (Y/N) Y
Signal Reception and Voice Clarity (So 10)  
Zone 1 7
Zone 2 5.5
Zone 3 4.5
Device Earpiece Volume 7
Device Loudspeaker clarity 5
Handsfree Clarity 5.5
Speaker Volume (on call) 6.5
Bluetooth Transfer Speed (KB/s) 29KB/s
WiFi signal strength (Zone 2) NA
Captured Photo Quality (So 10)  
Captured Photo Colour 4
Captured Photo Crispness 4.5
Captured Video Quality 3
Loudspeaker Audio Quality 4.5
Bundled Earphones Quality 3.5
Video Playback Quality (So 10) 4
Price (MRP, Rs) Rs. 2,890

* Manufacturer Rated  



Features: 7
Performance: 5
Build Quality: 6.5
Value for money: 7
Overall: 6

Contact: BLING Telecom Pvt. Ltd.,
Phone: 0124-4290014
E-mail: NA
Price: Rs. 2, 890

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