Motorola MotoYUVA W230 Review

For Someone Who Just Wants To Talk


The Motorola MotoYUVA W230 is one of the more basic GSM phones available on the market today. Not everyone uses their phone to write long e-mails and play games on them.

The design of the phone is plain and all the keys have a heavy, but plastic feel to them. The phone is thin and lightweight. The screen is too small to be of use for anything beyond making phone calls. The keys give decent feedback too.

Coming to performance, the interface itself is zippy. There is no waiting for menus and pages to load. The quality of voice is also good, without any unnecessary enhancements. The signal strength is good, but while speaking, there is some instability and jitter.

The phone comes with a set of earplugs that connect to the phone using a 2.5-mm jack. The quality and clarity of the music played from the phone is good, but lacks bass. FM radio function is built in and it works pretty well. The speakerphone is not very loud, but it sounds nice too. Because of these characteristics, it makes a good music phone. The only problem is that the external memory card supplied with the phone is just 256 MB. The internal memory onboard the phone is a paltry 1 MB.



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