Karbonn K406 – Dual SIM music phone, or just a gimmick Review

Karbonn K406 – Dual SIM music phone, or just a gimmick  Review

The Karbonn K406 does not fit into the shoes of a music phone it is marketed to be, lacking even a 3.5mm audio jack and delivering a lacklustre music performance. The flimsy build quality of the FM radio antenna and the mediocre overall performance further dents its value. At a price tag of Rs. 2,590, it is not worth the buy.

[RELATED_ARTICLE]Identical to the T-21, the Karbonn K406 is coated with a matte black finish on the front and rear panels, with the typical red coloured strip decorating the body contours. The dedicated multimedia keys on the K406 are the only major differences in the design aesthetics between the two. In addition, the bevelled keypad design is a welcome change that aids in comfortable typing through consistent tactile feedback. The absence of a 3.5mm audio jack, however, is surprising, and does not justify the case of it being marketed as a music phone. The menu interface incorporates the traditional look and feel with no interesting customisations. However, the sub-menu classification is neat and well-organised. This makes it simpler and easier to search for the configurable options and settings.

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[RELATED_ARTICLE]The Karbonn K406 yielded consistent signal reception results both indoors and outdoors. However, the voice clarity was better outdoors than indoors, which is indicative of a weak embedded antenna. The device earpiece volume levels were average, though not loud enough to overcome the noisy crowded streets. While the loudspeaker was more than audible, it delivered mediocre audio clarity even at volume levels less than 50%, thereby defeating its purpose in noisy environments. The handsfree headset too lacked in audio clarity and produced very feeble audio even at the maximum volume level.

The captured photo quality test yielded unsatisfactory results by producing washed out colours and blurred images even in close range shots. The captured video produced blurred frames coupled with pixelated artefacts and lacklustre colour accuracy resulting in poor video quality. The quality of the phone’s display was mediocre, with decent sunlight legibility and satisfactory viewing angles. However, the video playback quality was poor with constant stuttering and intermittent frame freezes marring the user experience. Overall, the K406 is less than a mediocre performer, and invites tougher competition from cheaper phones like the Tech-Com’s T-21.

Our Take

The Karbonn K406 misses out on the 3.5mm audio jack and coupled with ordinary music performance, it fails to justify the cause of being marketed as a music phone. Being less than a mediocre performer in the overall test results, one could consider purchasing the cheaper T-21 or the T-51 from the stables of Tech-Com. Therefore, at a price tag of Rs. 2,590, the K406 is not a worthy candidate as a music or dual SIM phone.

Specifications: SIM (GSM GSM); Display: 2-inch; Memory: microSD expandable up to 8GB; Battery: 1000 mAh, Talk-time: up to 4 hours, Standby-time: up to 200 hours; Dimensions: 110 x 46 x 15mm; Weight: 75 grams;

Features: 6
Performance: 5.5
Build Quality: 5
Value for money: 6
Overall: 5.5

Brand Karbonn
Model K406
Price (MRP, Rs) Rs. 2,590
Physical Specs  
Form Factor Bar
2G Network Bands (MHz) Dual GSM 900/1800
3G Network Bands N/A
Screen Resolution 176 x 220
Screen Size (inches) 2-inches
Maximum Screen colours 65K
Touchscreen / Dual Screen (Y/N) N
Battery Rating 1000mAh
Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm 110 x 46 x 15
Weight 75 grams
Expandable Memory Type microSD
Hot Swappable (Y/N) N
Available Colours Red with Black
Other Features  
Operating System Proprietary
Charging via USB (Y/N) Y
Hardware Keypad (Regular/QWERTY) Regular
Accelerometer (For auto rotate) (Y/N) N
Address Book Capacity 1000 entries
No of calls in register 20 missed, 20 received & 20 dialed
Talk Time / Standby Time * up to 4 hours / up to 200 hours
No of Profiles # / Customisable (Y/N) 5/Y
Offline Operability (Y/N) Y
Inbuilt GPS / A-GPS support (Y / N) N
Browsing (GPRS/EDGE/3G) Y/N/N
EDGE max speed N/A
3G max speed N/A
Connectivity (WiFi/Bluetooth/IR/USB) N/Y/N/Y
Bluetooth Version/A2DP support (Y/N)
Bundled Accessories Charger, USB cable, handsfree headset
Size of memory card provided 256MB
Overall Build Quality (So 10) 5
Overall Ergonomics (So 10) 7
Keypad Design (So 10) 7.5
Camera Specs  
Camera Resolution (Pixels) 640 x 480
Video Capture Resolution
Dual Cameras / Auto Focus / Flash (Y/N) N/N/N
Mirror for self portrait (Y / N) N
Camera Settings (So 10) 5.5
Zoom (Optical/Digital) 4x digital
Music Formats supported MIDI,MP3,MP2,AAC,AMR-NB, Melody, AMR-WB, AAC , eAAC
Video formats supported MP4, 3GP
FM Radio (Y/N) Y
Signal Reception and Voice Clarity (So 10)  
Zone 1 6.5
Zone 2 7
Zone 3 6
Device Earpiece Volume 6
Device Loudspeaker clarity 4
Handsfree Clarity 6
Speaker Volume (on call) 6.5
WiFi signal strength (Zone 2) N/A
Captured Photo Quality (So 10)  
Captured Photo Colour 5.5
Captured Photo Crispness 5
Captured Video Quality 3.5
Loudspeaker Audio Quality 4.5
Bundled Earphones Quality 6
Quality of display 6.5
Viewing angle of display 6
Legibility in bright sunlight 5.5
Video Playback Quality (So 10) 4
* Manufacturer Rated  

Contact: Karbonn Mobiles
Phone no.: 011-46604660
E-mail address: karan.kumar@jainaindia.com
Website: www.karbonnmobiles.com
Warranty: 1 Year
Price: Rs. 2,590/-

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