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    Lenovo ThinkCentre A61e Price :15800

    Lenovo ThinkCentre A61e Review

    By Team Digit | 1 Apr 2008


    The performance is satisfying.
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    Lenovo ThinkCentre A61e: Detailed Review

    Green PC

    Go Green! Seems to be the mantra these days and every manufacturer is doling out power efficient products. Lenovo’s A61e is based on AMD’s DTX form factor—the first of its kind, consisting of their power optimised processor, chipset and graphics.

    The A series of desktops from Lenovo are oriented towards business and hence don’t expect this PC to churn out big numbers—it isn’t meant too. The A61e is designed to consume less space—an important aspect for most businesses. We found the dimensions very compact for a full fledged PC—great for Media centre PCs. Despite the diminutive form factor the PC doesn’t get hot—thanks to good ventilation and low power components.

    The configuration offers a decent balance between performance and power consumption. AMD’s Athlon 64 X2 BE-2350 (power optimised) processor along with ATI’s X1200 onboard graphics power the PC’s critical systems. The motherboard is custom built, and hence we could not trace its manufacturer. Other goodies include 1 GB of memory, 160 GB hard drive, DVD writer and Gigabit Ethernet. The PC doesn’t run directly off the mains, rather it requires the provided power adapter similar to a laptop. The tight fit of components means, upgradeability is limited. However, the system admin will appreciate the tool-case, which opens by sliding a single latch.

    Along with the A61e, Lenovo has bundled the familiar black keyboard and optical mouse. The A61e can be ordered without any display. However, our test unit had their 20-inch LCD monitor. During our tests, the LCD fared well and delivered good tonal accuracy. The LCD is fit for any office related work, i.e. Word processing, spreadsheets, browsing etc.

    When we upgraded the memory to 2GB the PC shifted its gear and delivered reasonable results. With all the eye candy on, Vista requires at least 2 GB for other applications to work. With Windows XP, we had no problem with the stock configuration. The performance was satisfying. We tried Ubuntu 7.10. The PC did boot, but with minor glitches such as wrong screen resolution, no sound, etc., which needed some fixing.

    The A61e without the monitor is sweetly priced at Rs 15,800.  

    Features : 3.5
    Performance : 3.5
    Build quality : 4
    Value for Money : 4
    Overall : 4


    AMD Athlon 64X2, 1 GB DDRII, 160 GB HDD, DVD-RW, X1200 onboard graphics, Keyboard, optical mouse, Gigabit Ethernet and PC DOS.

    Contact : Lenovo India Pvt. Ltd
    Phone : 91-80-22108490
    E-mail :
    Web site :
    Price : Rs 15,800


    Team Digit
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