EASEUS Partition Manager Server Review


The EASEUS Partition Manager Server comes with a price tag of $99.95 (Rs 4,250) and the big different is support for more operating systems. As just a partitioning tool, most users do not need one and need for one would only be larger companies with multiple computers. For home users, there are a few products on the Internet which can do the same job for free.

Basic Partitioning Utility


System utilities have found a market, just like antivirus and backup solutions. EASEUS Partition Manager Server is one such application. It is a disk partitioning utility and the Server edition is meant for the enterprise market.

Installation is simple, and the software detects all the partitions on the drive properly. It supports all kinds of drives, including USB and Firewire. The core function of the program is to partition the hard drive, and it does that well. Partitions can be resized and this is especially useful when you are trying to install a Linux distribution for example.

Partitions can also be hidden and there are features for scanning the disk or partition for any errors. An ISO image is provided for those who want to use the application through a bootable floppy or CD. FreeDOS loads and the application loads through it. This is useful when you lose a partition and require recreating or resizing them.

EASEUS Partition Manager Server does look a lot like Norton’s Partition Magic. Security is checked by a password that can be set once the application is installation. All future running of the software requires the user to enter a password.

Help for the software is provided through a PDF document and also a Windows help file. All the features are explained in detail with a few scattered screenshots.

Norton’s Partition Magic and Paragon Partition Manager are some of the more well known partitioning tools and EASEUS Partition Manager is direct competition to them.



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