Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad Review


We would have loved to see more out of this cooler especially USB ports and the throttle dial. At Rs 2,299, it is pretty expensive, but it’s perfect for those who have good looking hardware and want a laptop cooler that looks good and works as well.

Fancy, But Works Well

The Belkin laptop cooler has a fresh and unique looking design that is made to be practical. It is built rather well and doesn’t come with a metal body to absorb heat like the others we’ve seen from its competitors.


Even though it has a plastic body, it is still pretty well built. It is smooth, shaped well and has two strips of rubber-like grips at the top and bottom of the upper surface of the platform. This is to help your laptop stay in place. The bottom has a grip to stop it from sliding around on your table. In terms of size, it is good even for something as small as the new range of netbooks we’ve seen from some of the brands. We tried the 10-inch EeePC and it all fits together very well.


The fan, unfortunately, has no throttle control, so you’re left with one single full-speed setting. The fan itself is quiet, but it vibrates a little. The lowest point on the laptop is at the same level as the fan itself. This simply means, that the fan is blocked by what ever surface you place it on. This causes the fan to slow down and make a little more noise. Fortunately, the stand at the rear of the laptop allows you to incline the laptop towards yourself. This also gives the fan some breathing space.


The other flap at the bottom opens up into a small compartment that can be used to store the small USB cable supplied with it. This is the same cable that will power the fan on the cooler.




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