Asus EeePC 1101HA netbook Review

Asus EeePC 1101HA netbook Review

Slower processor speed
Expensive as compared to performance

The white ASUS EeePC 1101HA looks very different from the other dark colored netbooks that we got. The glossy white front panel opens to a glossy body around the keypad. The form factor has a sea shell like design, bulgy on one side and tapering towards the other end from where we open the netbook. The rear side is a plastic body with a matte finish, which gives a good grip.


This 11.6-inch netbook comes with an Intel Atom Z520 processor which is slower at 1.3 GHz as compared to the N270/N280 processors which can go upto 1.66GHz. It comes preloaded with the Windows XP operating system.  


The keypad of the netbook has well spaced flat topped keys which give a good feedback. The trackpad has a bumpy surface which offers a tactile feedback, but the single thin button doesn’t help much. There are a lot of function keys. The bulkier rear offers enough space for the various ports: on the right we have the LAN, two USB and two audio ports whereas along with an SD card slot whereas on the left hand side we have a power point, a USB port and a VGA port with the remainder space taken up by an air vent. It also hides a 6-cell battery. The body has five LED indicators and there are two silver colored buttons on both the right and left hand corners, one is for power while the other is for disabling touch pad.  


Due to the slow processor speed, this netbook can be overclocked for better performance. The real world tests offered results corresponding to the slow processing power as compared to the faster N series based netbooks. It has a decent 1.3 MP webcam which gives a good output. The EEEPC can play HD quality videos at full 1080p. 


The netbook comes at a hefty price of Rs. 25,900.

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