Antec 300 Review


At a price of Rs 3,600, this is something that people could consider, but without a power supply, we feel it’s a little over-priced. You should be able to find competing products that are a tad more expensive, but with more features and better build quality.


The body design is somewhat like the Antec Nine Hundred, but is a little simpler looking. There are two fans — one at the top and one at the rear. Both fans have throttle control switches to control their speed. Two more fans can be added to the front and one to the side of cabinet. The cabinet doesn’t come with an inbuilt power supply, and when you do buy a power supply, you will find that it fits into the bottom of the case.


The doors on the case open outwards instead of sliding backwards first like on normal cabinets.


The cabinet is undoubtedly sturdier than the majority of entry-level cabinets. The case itself doesn’t rattle too much, and the panels aren’t the heaviest, but they’re still very good.


However, this isn’t as feature-laden, refined or as tough as some of the slightly costlier but well-known cabinets like the Cooler Master 690 for example. There are plenty of thumbscrews supplied along with the case itself although there are no locking mechanisms for the cards installed, or even for the drives.


Six hard drives can be installed inside this cabinet, and there is space for three optical drives. The cabinet has two USB ports, the audio connectors and the power and reset switches on the top of the cabinet.



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