Amkette Air wireless mouse � Stylish little mouse Review

Amkette Air wireless mouse � Stylish little mouse Review

For a price of Rs 949, the Amkette Air wireless mouse makes for a good deal. It isn�t very expensive, is solidly built, extremely comfortable to use and looks good- it seems as if this mouse has everything going for it. Check it out, if you need a wireless mouse for your PC or laptop.

A wireless mouse is the way to go, particularly because they are not as expensive as they used to be. And the convenience offered by them is immense. Amkette’s new Air mouse is from the wireless category, and attempts to offer the solution at a not-so-expensive price. Let us find out if it delivers on the performance front as well.



First Impression: Sleek and slim!
When you look at the Amkette Air wireless mouse, still packed in the original packing, you can be forgiven for assuming that it is just another run of the mill wireless mouse. However, what you still haven’t noticed, probably, is that the shape of this one is a lot different from a lot of the other ones out there. Take the Air out of the packaging, and this is when you realize that this one has a shape that is essentially flatter on the top surface, more than any other wireless mouse we have seen.

The finish of the mouse is largely matte black, with a strip of colour on the front panel and the front side of the two sides. Multiple colour options available for this one, so you can select one that suits your laptop’s colour, room décor or even the nail polish colour (ladies only, I assume; at the time of purchasing this!). While the mouse is completely made of plastic, the build feels solid and no rough edges can be found. Except probably that the on/off button could have been a bit more in line with the overall surface of the lower panel, making it easier to reach without the need to deploy the nails!

On the lower panel are the battery bay, the on/off button and a tiny place where you can fit the nano receiver, when needed.


Features: Simple, and then some
The Air mouse is extremely simple to use. Slot in the battery, plug in the receiver into a USB port on the PC or laptop, slide the power button to the “on” position and let the mouse do its own thing. The Air will install he drivers itself, with absolutely no user interference needed at all. We managed to get this one to work, with equal ease, on both a Windows based laptop as well as a Macbook Pro.



Performance: No airs about the package!
[RELATED_ARTICLE]The Amkette Air mouse, once installed, is ready for use. This one is very much at ease with or without a mousepad, with the precision not getting impacted. Despite the flat top surface, the mouse fits well in the palms, and the size is big enough for the fingers to reach the two buttons with a lot of ease. Some people may not be very comfortable with the lack of elevation, but we believe that this one is more comfortable for the hand, after use for a long duration. The palm and the fingers stay straight-ish, which reduces the stress on the hands in general.

The pointer precision is accurate and the mouse behaved well throughout the tests, scrolling was smooth and the buttons gave a good feedback with a reassuring “click”. However, this isn’t a gaming mouse by any stretch of the imagination, since the default setting of 800dpi is largely meant for non-gaming purposes.

The best part is the dedicated on/off button, which allows you to turn off the mouse when not in use, thus saving battery power. While the single AA battery keeps the mouse weight down, it would have been ideal to have a single AAA battery powering the Air, reducing the weight, just a bit, even more.


Our Take: Inexpensive brilliance
The Amkette Air is a ood performer. Straight out of the box, the uncomplicated performance, sleek looks and the price make this a good deal. If you are comfortable with the flat top design, then this one is worth checking out. Also, the Air comes with a small carry case, as a part of the package, to enable safe transport of your mouse, whenever you take it with you. For this price, you can also get the wireless mouse from iBall, with similar features. However, that one looks bulky when compared to this.


Wireless mouse, USB 2.0 based, Nano-sized receiver, 2.4GHz frequency, 800dpi, 4 buttons including 1 scroll wheel, powered by 1 AA battery, works with Windows and Mac


Features: 7
Performance: 8
Build: 7.5
Value: 8
Overall: 7.5


Contact: Amkette India
Phone: 1800119090


Price: Rs 949

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