YES YMP45 (Personal Tech,) Review

You’ve gotta touch this one!

Featuring a rather large 2.4-inch colour touch-screen with a neon-red border, the YES YMP45 is encased in a black plastic case. It comes with 2 GB of internal memory, expandable with a Micro SD card (sadly, not hot-swappable). The device connects to the PC via USB and gets recognised as a MTP device if you have Windows Media Player 10 or above and lets you easily arrange and synchronise media content. You can also drag and drop content to it from Windows Explorer.

With the stock headphones, the YMP45 does quite well in the mid range, a little below decent in the highs and a little disappointing in the lows—it sounds a lot better with better cans. The highest volume levels aren’t too high though. Despite mentioning that lyrics are supported, MP3s with embedded lyrics didn’t show any sign of the lyrics. There are only four preset equaliser settings, and you can’t customise them.

Video playback is a bit choppy at 25 fps sometimes, but the YMP45 scores full marks with brilliant image quality. The player doesn’t come with any software to convert your videos into a compatible format—disappointing. Do we even need to say that photos too look splendid?

The icon-based GUI is very easy to get used to and is very responsive to the accompanying stylus. Navigation in the video mode is a problem—no controls are visible (the video plays full screen) and you have to frantically keep moving the stylus around to figure it out for yourself.

Other features include an FM Radio that supports RDS (Radio Data Service—a European radio standard that lets the radio receive digital information about the content being transmitted). You can use it as a memo-recorder with the voice recorder feature, and can even read e-books! Fasten the accompanying Lanyard and it turns into a flashy pendant. The Li-Ion battery take around 3.5 hours to charge from the PC’s USB port and last for just under three hours for video playback. The price—
Rs 6,499—is fair.


Features : 3.5
Performance : 3.5
Build Quality : 4
Value for Money : 3
Overall : 3.5

Capacity: 2 GB; Micro SD; Display: 2.4-inch 262K colour TFT touch-screen; Audio: MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, AAC; Video: AVI, WMV; FM Radio with RDS; Dimensions: 76 (W) x 53 (D) x 13.3 (H) mm; Weight: 60 gm

Contact : Redington (India) Limited
Phone : 91-9380303950
E-mail :
Web site :
Price : Rs 70,000


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